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How Often Should You Text Market To Your Customers?
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So you have been doing your text message marketing and you have built a pretty nice size list, now it's time to start advertising your business...but how often should you text market to your customers??? This is going to vary depending on the type of business you own and what you want text message marketing to do for you. Whether you are a restaurant, retail service, real estate agent/broker, artist/musician, or any business that needs and wants to stay connected to their customer or fan base, text message marketing can be your best friend...but don't over do it to where you begin to spam your list.

Here are some simple rules that will help no matter what type of business you own...

-Make it clear to customers on how much you plan on sending them messages If you are going to send your text list a daily message, then you need to state in your advertising "Text 'keyword' to 'shortcode' for daily offers and discounts"...or something like that. Daily text offers can be little too much if the person that signs up to the list isn't expecting to get that many messages from your business.

-Stay away from countdown text messages Once you tell your audience that you have an offer at 7pm, don't continue to remind them...unless they have opted-in to receive a reminder. have them reply to your message with 'keywordreminder' if they want receive reminder updates. Otherwise, this can get really annoying for your audience.

-Give them the option to unregister from your list What!? Are you crazy!? No, I'm not...just because you give them the option to opt-out of your text message list, doesn't mean that they will. But, if the customer feels as though you are sending them too many messages - they are gonna want a way to get them to stop immediately! This way, they opt-out of the list, but they don't hate your business and continue to be a customer.

Overall, it's your list and your customers. Time and experience with text message marketing will allow you to get a good feel of the best times to broadcast a message to your text list.

Text Message Marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers, especially if you use it with other marketing methods such as websites, social networking sites, print advertisement, etc.

Is your business doing Text Message Marketing? Get the details on how it all works and determine if your business could benefit from text message marketing.

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