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How To Increase Site Traffic
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How To Increase Site Traffic

You can increase site traffic in many ways but if you’re on a tight budget, you probably want to use effective marketing strategies that don’t cost too much. Although articles are an inexpensive way to market, you must make sure that you create informative and engaging articles and submit to only the best article directories. You see, if you constantly post awful content but it not well written or executed, you’ll ending up turning off readers, including your loyal followers. Entrepreneurs who hire inexperienced writers or simply don’t pay attention to the content they produce, often lose customers and prospects. In fact, 90% of Internet users get annoyed with bad grammar, offensive language, and incoherent content and most never visit that site again. Therefore, if you want to increase your site traffic, pay attention to the quality of your content.

Another fatal error is to associate yourself with bad backlinking partners. With the new changes in Google algorithms, the old premise that having tons of backlinks are good is now considered passé. In fact it will create a negative effect and may get your site banned. If you have too many unrelated backlinks, you lose traffic whereas if you have too many backlinks, good or otherwise, you could be red flagged and tagged as spam.

Your anchor text in your backlinks also has to be related and natural. In short, there should be a delicate balance which takes experience and SEO expertise to get right.

You will get blacklisted especially if you use cheap backlinks that just annoy people instead of entice them. The worst part is that this will affect your name or business name and its reputation even off the net. You may have to change your entire profile, brand name, or work on redeeming your reputation which is going to take a long time.

Use Link Building Ethically

If you do not have experience using links, go ahead and obtain some but don’t associate with bad partners. It’s far better to hire a professional instead of building bad links that could effect your linking strategies negatively. And, if you make mistakes, there is a high probability that you use the wrong links or use the right links in the wrong way. Either way, you’ll waste valuable time and energy. Plus, you could be increasing site traffic instead of working on a trial and error basis.

Check Search Engine Rankings

Are on the search engine radars? If not, then you need to concentrate on SEO to put yourself on the map. If you can’t write, then post images. Search engines also look at images to index. However, random images that are not related to your site will not work. Use only images that make sense and then tag the images. When tagging, avoid using the same tag over and over again. Also conduct relevant keyword research and try and add relevant content to your site whenever possible.

However, if you are using the same techniques as your closest online competitors, it may take a long time to get ranked, especially if they have monstrous links with high PR partners. With this in mind, you need to find a way to get ranked outside of the competitors’ arena. You can do this by working on outranking not just your competitor but the top ranked page in keyword. For instance, is Wikipedia getting ahead of you with your keyword? If so, target to narrow that gap instead of trying to trying to outrank your competitor. With this technique, you can outrank everyone!

Be patient

To increase site traffic, you need patience. There are millions of websites and just a few search engines so if you are doing your internet marketing work properly, the results are not instantaneous. If you hire a professional, his results will not magically make you number one. It will take time.

In business, there is a given rule for all start-ups. The first year is mostly money out. The second year, you start to see money coming back in but no real profit. If your business strategy is correct, you should start enjoying profit after the 2nd year. A website is similar to this except it may not take that long before you start enjoying profits. For instance, you could tie up with other companies, sell ad space, or make arrangement to be part of another site that compliments your business. You could also hire a part-time internet marketing expert of get them to come on board full time for a contracted period. Work with them closely and you will learn much more than if you try it out on your own.

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