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How To Set Up A Google+ Business Page
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Businesses with a local customer base can struggle to get found on Google but many are unaware of a free tool which can significantly boost their profile (Page1 Google) online. This article describes the basics of how to claim and set up a Google+ local page for business.

Any prospect typing in a location based search term (e.g Accountant –location-) will be presented with a list of up to seven businesses which Google selects as matching the search term. This list (effectively mini websites) of businesses is presented near the top of Page 1 Google. The criteria Google uses to select the most appropriate businesses to list is unknown but it is likely that any business that has claimed and optimised their listing will have a higher chance of display.

The following assumes the business has not claimed and set up a Google Places listing. For several years Google provided a similar service to Google+ local called Google Places. This tool has now been superceded by Google+ Local. Businesses with a Google Places listing can manually merge it with Google+ Local but this is beyond the scope of this article.

To have a Google+ Local Business listing you must first have a personal Google+ profile associated with your own Email address. To set this up sign up for a Google account or if you already have one click on the Google+ icon and follow the steps to create a listing. Assuming the business listing is of more interest than the personal element then complete only the basic information.

With a personal Google+ profile click on the more icon in the left sidebar and then click pages. When presented with the local business or place option click business then fill in the main business telephone number. It is very important to use the main business phone number and to try to avoid 08** prefix if possible.

If your business shows up click on your business name (even if the details are inaccurate) if not click add your business to Google. Enter (or edit) the basic business information including address and telephone number. It is very important to ensure the information matches the information held on your main business website if you have one.

After confirming your information enter a category which best describes your business and click submit to Google. Then watch the post carefully for a postcard from Google. This postcard will include a code which you will need to input to verify your listing and take it live.

After set up the next step will be to optimise the Google+ page to give it the best possible chance to get found on Google ahead of the competition and to ensure it has the professional look your business deserves.

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