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Internet Marketing With Article Writing: The Secret Of Symbiotic Business Marketing
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I never liked to engage in marketing campaigns until I discovered the intersection between internet marketing and what I love to do – article writing.

I love to write. The more writing I produce, the better I feel. I have learned that search engines “like” people like me!

A day that ends without any writing done is a day that feels only partially lived.

And I feel even better when I publish what I write.

The Internet business model has made the days of a writer’s cabinet filled with unpublished manuscripts obsolete!

Today, author’s who love to write articles and see their articles published can experience the instant gratification of having their writing published and exposed to the general public without any meaningful time delay at all.

A new age for authors has begun! This is the age of internet marketing through creative and informative article writing.

Here is my “secret” for website success: It is to produce the most and to produce the best writing that I am capable of and to publish it on the web.

Since Google is attractive to sites with a lot of content, I write article after article and publish them on my websites.

Since Google is attracted to sites that have numerous links placed in other sites, I also produce as many articles as I can for article directories.

Since Google is to keywords what a bear is to honey, I use keywords in creative ways as my creative writing exercise.

So I’m fulfilling my passion of writing profusely in a way that works for Internet marketing success! It’s like a great marriage.

I am not just a writer. I’m also a public speaker. So my article writing for directories and my own sites not only draws attention to my sites, it also helps me develop content for my motivational speaking engagements.

To enhance my visibility on the web, and to develop my writing skills, I make it my own personal writing challenge to use as many keywords as possible in a natural, smooth manner so that one would never guess that my purpose was to use that particular keyword or key-phrase for search engine optimization (SEO).

And I actually find the process the finding powerful keywords fun! I love scanning websites and articles in search of words that I believe are highly used in search of the topic I want to write about.

My most central life goal is to grow as a writer. I want to be the best writer on the planet. The best writer of all time. And the most prolific writer.

That goal inspires me. And living my inspiration turns out to be a marketing strategy.

I exercise my writing ability as much as I can by writing for article directories and for my own websites.

The kind of writing that I am most drawn to also makes me a natural for Internet business success.

I am most interested in self-help wisdom writing.

The self-help wisdom that I have developed expertise in includes success, team building and leadership development in the workplace and at home.

So that is what I write about. And not only do I often receive my content-ideas for professional speaking when I write.

Often, while I’m speaking professionally before an audience, I receive new ideas and insights that I then include in my writing.

So what I have here is a great symbiotic relationship for internet marketing success.

My love of writing, my love of presenting motivational seminars and inspiring keynotes, and my interest and expertise in the self-help wisdom of success, team building and leadership development in the workplace and at home all work together – not just for making money through the internet – but for fulfilling daily work.

It all works together.

If you are like me, with similar gifts and interests, then this symbiotic relationship for business success on the Internet literally applies to you.

But if you have different interests, I suggest that you consider how to link your passions into a symbiotic success strategy, combining what you love to do with what you need to do to succeed in your career.

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