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Since the first Iphones came out the public has been nothing short of amazed. With their touch screens blazing fast internet what’s not to like. Not to mention the fact that the IPhones can pick up WIFI anywhere.  The Iphones also allow  apps right to your Iphone in a flash.  With features like these the Iphone not only became a computer but also a video game all in one. Let’s not forget to mention lighter on the wallet. With the capabilities to get WIFI anywhere a buyer would never have to use his own internet.  The Iphone 4 and 4S may look stunning and offer the latest and greatest  technology but it wasn’t always like that.

The first I phone came out with touch screen, apps, and also an iPod. The second Iphone added a camera to the front of the Iphone. While the third iphone added faster speed and a thinner look. The IPhone 4 added 4g an even faster speed. The Iphone 4 also added a camera on the front and back of the IPod which also alllows it’s users to face chat.

With all of these innovations it makes me think I can’t imagine what the Iphone 4S could have. The Iphone 4 proved to be impressive enough with all of its unique features and advancements.  I mean how can you top how thin the Iphone  4 is. Not to mention the face chat and the new apps that can be played with other devices while being able to view each others  face.  This took text message and IM to a whole new level.

The Iphone 4S is sure to be a head turner. The Iphone 4S comes with Siri which is an advanced voice activated system. Not to mention the new design is suppose to be sleeker then the Iphone 4.  The Iphone  4S will come with a Core A5 Cpu this will allow the IPhone  4S to download apps pictures stream through the internet a lot quicker than the existing Iphone  4.

Don’t let the look of new Iphone  4S confuse you. It may look like the old Iphone  4 but inside the IPhone  4S is incredible.  The performance is 2 times faster and the graphics are 7 times faster than the existing Iphone 4. This is going to be an incredible transition for the Average everyday person. With downloads and speeds  this fast getting internet banking,facebook,twitter, and anything else you may want  on your phone will be cut in half when it comes to time.

Iphones have been a great invention for the people who buy them. Iphones  have targeted the young and the older generation s when it comes to their buyers. With so many different electronic companys out on the market competing for the newest and greatest product the Iphone doesn’t seem to have any competition. Some say it could be just the design that keeps people coming back. I believe it’s the incentives that Apple gives you when you buy an Iphone.

When it comes to electronics I believe that we will never stop advancing. It seems that every time I walk into Best Buy or Circuit City there always seems to be something new on the shelves.  With new electronics coming out so fast there are bound to be bugs that need to be worked out.  It seems that every company today is so worried about getting their electronics out on the market that they forgot about customer assurance. If a customer gets a bad product they are very likely to tell all their friends about it. This not only loses customers for that company but also gives them a bad name in the sales world. I believe that Apple cares about their customers. They not only test their products to make sure they  work amazing, but they also  offer warranties that replace their products unlimited times to make sure the customer is enjoying everything about their new  Iphone. 

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