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Making Money On The Internet For Your Family
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Making money on the internet for your family

Many people want to know can you be making money on the internet for your family. And how can you start doing this. There are many ways you can start making money online. Some cost money others are free. I assume that if one is looking to do this they do not have a lot of money in the first place. So I am going to tell you how you can do this for free. There are a few things you need to know first. I am going to suggest article marketing because it is free and takes up little time, unless you get obsessive about it then it can take up all your time. This way is not a get rich quick. It requires daily work and patience. With that you will results some quicker than others. I do not have a lot of time or room to go into a lot of detail but I am going to give you basics, the rest you will have to research or go through my website for some free training. Okay here we go.

What is article marketing? There are thousands of companies online that will pay you big bucks to bring them customers. So article marketing is an advertising avenue. You write an article 300-500 words and submit to article directory. Someone reads your article that is interested in those keywords and uses the links in the article you provide to take them to the solution or product being offered.

Finding what people are looking for or otherwise known in article marketing as a niche is not that hard. Any topic you can think of or are interested in can be your niche. This can be anything at all that you like. But keep in mind certain article directories have stipulations are what submit. So my suggestion is keep it legit and clean.

Once you find it you need to research what keywords people are using to get to that product. Keywords are words put in search engines in quotations. Like for example “how to clean my garage floor” or “how to train my dog”. You will get results such as a million or a hundred the lower the better. That means less competition and your chances of getting ranked high in Google is good.

Once you find your niche you need to start writing articles. My suggestion is don’t fall for all the hype on the internet. Quality articles mean quality customers some returning especially if you want to make money online. If you us an article submitter use it wisely. Don’t submit more than one or two articles per keyword as this is competing against yourself and only deterring your efforts. One article per keyword and keep moving on producing more articles. You will see good results this way. Writing articles requires time and patience. I don’t expect anyone, unless they are an English major to come right out the gate producing flawless articles. But I live by a bad article is better than no article. So research the topic and become familiar with it and write like you are talking to a friend. The rest you will gain over time.

Now you have to find a handful of article directories to submit to. Here are a few good ones… street articles, ezinearticles, go articles and searchwarp. Keep in mind there are literally thousands of directories. Find the ones you like and stick to just a few. This way you build credibility with those directories and get ranked better in the search engines. Remember to read the directories requirements as to all are different.

In this article you want to, if allowed to put links in the article body, if not use the author box. You want to link to your own webpage that is relevant to the keywords like making money on the internet for your family. Make sure the webpage is on the same topic. Don’t have a webpage? Use squidoo or hubpages they are free. And work just as good.

Now you should have researched a topic, wrote a article, submitted to article directories and have a good landing page or squidoo, hubpages or own website. Now keep doing this directing articles and links to your landing page under new keywords, and you will see money come in. There are a lot of good affiliates out there, I would start with clickbank if you have never done this before. So if you are looking for a way of making money on the internet for your family you can check out the links for a free newsletter.

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