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Online Real Estate Marketing - Becoming The Expert Part 1
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Whether you are new to the real estate business or a seasoned professional, marketing will be the key to your success as a real estate agent. Why are some agents able to create online success with lead generation and others have no clue? I am going to tackle this question and show you the exact steps to become a online real estate marketing expert.

Are you looking to increase your real estate leads, income and web presence? If you answer is YES, then you are not alone. With the housing and mortgage meltdown many realtors have left the business or placed their license in an inactive status, now is the time to set yourself apart from the competition.

Real Estate is still a very competitive business and not only helping buyers and sellers in their real estate transactions, you must begin to create your own piece real estate for the purpose of online real estate marketing.

Many new real estate agents jump into the business with no direction or training other than the knowledge of “I need to find buyers and sellers”, this is typical of most agents who don’t pick a niche within the industy. Understand you can not be an expert in all niches.

1. Choosing Your Market

In real estate their are many niches within this industry such as first time home buyers, luxury home sales, property management, commercial real estate, baby boomers and second homes, vacation properties, international properties, FSBO’s, Hud Homes and foreclosures. Without picking a specialty or niche you will spend most of your time scrambling to learn just the basics to just get through the deal. The most successful Realtors specialize in only one area of the business. If you don’t know your audience how do you plan your online real estate marketing strategy.

2. Understanding Your Market

Once you have chosen your niche you will want to do the research to understand what drives this particular group of clients. Most agents new to real estate marketing focus on the “How” instead of the “Why”. Instead of focusing on the “How” to buy real estate, focus on “Why” they will benefit from buying or selling a home. Buying a home is an emotional process and focusing on the benefits of buying or selling a home will bring these emotions home to the person who is interested in proceeding in a real estate transaction. Benefits of buying or selling a home outweigh the “How” and you will need to reflect these in your online real estate marketing.

3. Creating Your Piece of Real Estate through Online Real Estate Markeing Online

After you have chosen your niche market and have done the research to understand your clients within that market, you will need a medium to create your presence through online real estate marketing. By owning your own piece of internet real estate such as a website, blog or social media site and actively contributing on a regular basis important information concerning your market will set you apart from your competition. Many real estate agencies provide websites for their agents, these are great but the search engines and web crawlers will not find these type of sites. These are really no more than glorified business cards.

Creating your own website or blog and connecting it to your social media sites, taking the time to learn a little about keyword research to optimize the search engines and web crawlers will pay off in the long run. Not only are you branding yourself and your business through online real estate marketing, but you are setting yourself up to be the expert in your field. Online Real estate marketing is here to stay.

4. Setting Up Your Budget for Online Real Estate Marketing

Most of the techniques for online real estate marketing mentioned in this article are for the new or seasoned realtor with little or no money to invest in advertising. All this can be accomplished on a very frugal budget, today most new Realtors have more time than money. Online Real estate marketing does not have to break the bank with just a little bit of research and sweat equity you can get the same rankings as professional website developers. Some website developers charge anywhere from $500 to $10,000 and a monthly fee to maintain it, but when your beginning or are looking for new ways to establish yourself as the expert in real estate those prices may not be reasonable. I believe you should lead your business with revenue. Motto “Lead with Revenue” what that means is do not spend it until you have made it. These techniques are geared more from the “Fake it till your Make it” training.

Remember online real estate marketing begins with small and consistant steps and you can set yourself up to be a successful real estate agent for many years to come. My name is Shelby C. Street and I am here to help you become successful with your online real estate marketing techniques.

Street Talk

The Fitness Marketing online business improve marketing being news looks for really wonderful. I known many useful task news collection from here!

  about 8 years ago

Competing with the gazillion other agents out there can be daunting to say the least. I suggest 'out of the box' stuff. This will set you apart from the others.

  about 8 years ago
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