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Take The Diy Approach To Seo Instead Of Paying High Outsourcing Costs
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Good quality SEO services are increasingly expensive. Taking a DIY approach using online marketing education and support is one possible solution.

During 2012 a number of Google search algorithm updates wiped out the impact of many dubious (Black Hat) Search Engine Optimisation techniques. Although this change was long overdue it significantly reduced the number of so called SEO specialists in the market leaving only those applying good SEO practice.

Of course this change is to the long term benefit of everyone but it does leave behind a couple of issues for small to medium sized businesses trying to increase the profile of their business online. First, black hat techniques could be automated to a large extent which meant short term results could be achieved (yes-in some cases black hat techniques did work in the short term) for relatively low cost. Many dubious SEO specialists were offered packages at costs which could not be supported by the more ethical SEO agencies. A perception remains in the market place that these low prices are the norm.

Secondly, good SEO practice takes time and effort, it is based on high quality content (and lots of it) socially shared across the internet plus some long established on page techniques. Although this is ultimately to the benefit of all the time and effort involved makes prices relatively expensive. In many cases these prices are beyond the reach of many small businesses and some medium sized businesses.

The only solution for small businesses may be a Do it Yourself approach. Much SEO work is not particularly difficult but it is time consuming and it does require a consistent approach. The issue in many cases is where should a business turn to for quality advice on how to take on their own Search Engine Marketing forward.

Books on SEO are often out of date on the day they are published and although there is a vast amount of information online it is difficult to determine what is current, what is valid and what is completely wrong. What is needed is an online marketing education and support resource at a relatively low cost populated with quality information provided by those actually active in the SEO industry.

For a business able to identify a quality Search Engine Optimisation agency and pay the appropriate ongoing fees then that will always be the best route as it provides a consistent approach and takes the considerable workload off the business so it may concentrate on sales and delivery. However for those businesses not able to find the considerable funds required then the do it yourself approach is one possible solution.

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