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Ways To Drive Free Traffic Easily
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Ways to Drive Free Traffic Easily

There are several easy ways to drive traffic to your site or blog but the term “easy” is relative because you will still need to exert time and effort. It’s not something you can click your heels and expect something magical to happen, but it’s not rocket science also.

Since the mid 1990s, the growth of the Internet has been staggering. More importantly individuals now realize that there is real money to be made online. As such, most individuals are aware of the importance of search engine rankings and are committed to using smart marketing techniques. Did you know that most websites within the first page on major search engines get 35% more traffic than lower ranked sites? And more traffic usually means that the chances of higher sales and revenue increases for the business – everything works hand in hand. But, and this is a huge obstacle for new online entrepreneurs, knowing which way to use and when to use them is what will make it effective.

Start by being clear about what your website or blog is all about. It’s harder for anyone to relate to a link if it’s too ambiguous. With so much competition on the internet, a potential customer would not think twice about looking at the other choices – and there are millions of them. When the Internet first started in 1995, there were 16 million users in the first year which represents about 0.4 of the world’s population at that time. Last year, Internet users grew to 2,405 million users or more than 34% of the world’s population. You can imagine the number of websites that have been launched over the years.

With traffic, it is important to target the best or top search engine and for now, this is Google. Google is capturing almost 70% of the market with its closest competitor, Yahoo coming in at only 14%. If you want to work on web traffic, start with Google.

Here are some easy ways to drive traffic to your site:

• Have some “Call to Action” posts. These are just a couple of words added to your posts on social websites to get people to want to click on your link such as “free quote” or “ special offer”

• Get people to “like” your posts so that others would be curious enough to click on the link. Target friends and relatives who are highly visible and have a large network

• Don’t use words on your links or posts that most regular folks don’t understand. There’s no need to be a literary genius but it is important not to sound like everyone else

• Use Google Analytics to assess the effectiveness of your Search Traffic, Direct Traffic and Referral Traffic. Then once you’ve analyzed your results do more of the same. For instance, let’s say that you’re engaging on an article marketing campaign but Street Articles seems to be sending you more traffic. Well, in this instance, it would be best to focus primarily on Street Articles.

The Internet is used to hasten work and the need for information. If you use too many long-winding sentences that don’t exactly say anything meaningful, you will be forgotten dismally by those who just don’t have the time to read that boring lingo. Plus, your site could even get tagged as banned from searches permanently by internet users themselves as a “spam site”. Yes, it is possible for anyone to delist you on the search engine, if the search engine evaluators agree that it is in the best interest of users for them to do so. With this in mind, make every effort to be clear, organized and logical in presenting your information and marketing it effectively.

You could use the most used video source right now – YouTube to create awareness of your site and your online identity. Twitter makes it possible for you to say something significant about yourself so people you don’t know will start following you. You don’t have to be a Tom Cruise or Oprah Winfrey to get fans or followers on Twitter. All you need is a few catchy lines to draw their interest to your site.

Street Talk

Like this. Good comments about how to bring traffic to your site and offer them what they are looking for. I always think of what I enjoy reading and what I search for when I'm writing an article or post. There is so much information and we have about 5 seconds to capture someone's attention.

  about 9 years ago
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