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4 Powerful Save Your Marriage Tips
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So, you've had some trouble in your marriage and your spouse is talking DIVORCE....and you don't want that. What you want is some information on save your marriage tips.

You must realize that most marriages suffer from some sort of trouble, I don't know of a marriage that hasn't had some sort of trouble, it's a leveling out period.

Think about it, you were single then you met the love of your life, then you get married, then you might have children, what a dramatic change for a person, having to think about other people and not themselves.

Then when the honeymoon is over and you settle into married life, you go to work, come home cook meals clean the house pay bills all the lovely chores of everyday life.

After a whild is can be a drain on people, stress and anxiety about certain things.

You need save your marriage tips to help your through these times when it all seems to be getting on to of you.

Here are some tip to help you:

1. Find out what is the problem, listen to your spouse, try and indentify what is the grievence.

2. Listen: Listening is the single most important thing in a relationship. If you sit and listen you'll be surprised at what might come out. Then you can take steps to work on it.

3. Communication: This ties in with listening, keep the communication open...once it's closed off problems can fester. Experts maintain this is one of the biggest problems in marriages. If you get ths one right, you're well on the way to a healthy and strong marriage.

4. Spontaneity: Just do something different, bring your spouse home a little present just leave it on a table.

If things aren't getting better, then maybe some intervention by a professional counselor might be needed.

Usining a counselor isn't lowering yourself it's being proactive and sensible utilizing what you have is very useful.

Dr. Phil says write down what you want from your spouse, write down 10 points you want more of or less of from them. This can pin point some area's of miss understandings that can arise.

Contamination, what issues have you brought from the past that might not be helpful to your marriage, also look at what your spouse is doing as well.

Walls, have you built up emotional walls from the past, you might have to address them if this is the case and deal with them. The past is just that the past, you're with your spouse now and they had nothing to do with your past.

Do you know each other, it's possible to be married for years and stil not know each other, make time to get to know them, this will bond the two of you even mor

These are just a few save your marriage tips, and there are a lot more to find and which will help a marriage in crisis.

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