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Five Golden Rules For Unhapy Marriage Advice
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Some rules you encounter are Golden, to always be kept in mind forever and never forgotten. These are rules that others have successfully used and should always be shared.

Listed below are the 5 Golden Rules to improving your unhappy marriage.

Golden Rule # 1, assume the best intentions.

The real reason for that is it is hard to feel love in your heart and have good energy in a marriage if you are always thinking that your spouse is going out of their way to annoy you. Remember, you were in love with your spouse once, and vice versa. Your spouse is probably not getting up in the morning with the express intention of doing things that drive you crazy..

Golden Rule # 2, when in doubt whose turn it is to take out the garbage, go ahead and take it out.

It will be best to handle this carefully because you want to make sure you are not taken advantage of by doing all of the chores. Take into account that there are a million domestic duties that need to be done every day, and likely your spouse does their fair share if you really think about it. Go ahead and do t heir chore for the day without being asked, see how happy it makes them!.

Golden Rule # 3, express appreciation for the things your spouse does do (instead of nagging about the things they don't).

There are good reasons you need to do that. Among them are that you should always focus on behavior that you do want, not on behavior that you don't want. And everyone responds well to being appreciated.

Golden Rule # 4, remember why you fell in love in the first place.

If you like you can do this by focusing on a fun date or some quality alone time where you don't talk about kids, house repairs, bills or whatever else is a stress in your marriage.

Golden Rule # 5, commit to at least one act of emotional or physical intimacy a day.

You might do this by greeting your spouse with a ten second kiss instead of a hurried peck on the cheek, or by packing a love note in their lunch bag or purse. This might make a difference to you personally since it . This may entail .This could be really critical since it may have been a long time since you actually put intimacy in your marriage on the top of your to do list for the day. Let me tell you that no act of love in a marriage is ever wasted. Expressing appreciation and love, trying to reconnect and have fun and assuming the best intentions are the best things you can do to turn around the energy in a struggling marriage. These simple tips have been given as unhappy marriage advice for a long time, and in most cases the simplest acts can reap the biggest returns.

So follow these 5 golden rules and see if they can help fix a marriage today.

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