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How To Attract A Guy - Four Ideas For Getting Him
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How to Attract A Guy  -  Four Ideas for Getting Him

Are you looking for ideas on how to attract a guy into your life? Well, you will be able to use a few tricks of the trade to get that guy you've been watching. I bet you are racking your brain on what you can do that would win his heart over. Well girl the solution lies in you, yes! you just need to bring it out. So, here's how you're going to make him go nuts over you.

Here are four ideas for winning his heart...

Increase your self-confidence...Loving and accepting yourself is the first step on how to attract a guy. It's really important to believe in "you" before you try to get him to believe in you. If you don't have the self-assurance then the task of winning a guy over gets harder. All the same, getting your confidence up doesn't mean be proud and domineering. Avoid making yourself "high and mighty". Just be you with some confidence, men love women who are positive and certain in their outlook.

You must get his attention...Key to knowing how to attract a guy. How do you expect him to like you if he doesn't even know you are there? Let him see that you like him a lot...Begin with small gestures and then say: "hello" with a little smile on your face will attract his attention. You might have to break the ice by speaking first, avoid using any pickup lines. Be certain your confidant with your approach.

Blend in with Him...Start out by just being his friend first, a good friend leads to a good relationship, love, marriage if handled in a suitable way. Go with him when he runs some errands, invite him over for dinner. Plan things so you can spend time with him, but remember, avoid being pushy.

Be Patient with him...Don't be in a rush getting a guy into your life. Give him his distance, don't do the thinking and certainly don't act dominant. Using these four tips on how to attract a guy can very quickly win his heart. The guy has to know that you like him, give him some time to get to know you and fall in love. If your long-term goal is marrying him you must put in the time and effort.

It's also vital to know what makes a man love a woman enough to marry her and how to be that women he loves!

Street Talk

I really like this article. Very straightforward advice. This advice not only can win a man's heart in the beginning, it also will keep his heart glowing long after the wedding day. :)

  about 8 years ago

very nice article

  about 8 years ago

Getting a guy is like fishing, using the right lure, casting in the right place, tantalising him with the bait never let him swallow it first time jiggle it a bit in front of his mouth, and when he bites.... strike hard, hook him good, and then slowly reel him in, playing him all the way... and at the end land him lightly, don't damage him, and he is yours forever.... Hows that for an analogy?

  about 8 years ago

What about those fisherman who practice catch and release?

  about 8 years ago

Once you have caught a fish you have him forever, if you release him, he still remains a memory never to be forgotten... He was either too small, ugly, cheap or what ever reason you threw him back... but will always be a memory...

  about 8 years ago
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