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How To Get A Guy To Commit - 7 Reasons Guys Are Afraid To Commit
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How to Get A Guy to Commit   -   7 Reasons Guys Are Afraid to Commit

The most frequent question I get from my girlfriends seems to be always about commitment. My example of why my guy was afraid to commit to me might be able to answer a lot of your questions. So I talked it over with my guy and came up with this list of seven reasons why men are afraid to commit...These can be used to help you know how to get a guy to commit you.

>>>> [He would like to see other women]...Once a man is committed in a relationship, he misses the opportunity to date or go after other women. Nearly all guys want to have this right for as long as they can, particularly if they are not certain who they want to spend the rest of their life with.

>>>> [There's another women]...It's difficult for any guy to commit to one woman especially if he's got another girl on his menu. Can you imagine trying to commit to just one guy when you had a couple of other guys showing interest in you?

>>>> [He has other priorities]...It can sometimes be rather difficult to balance between love, family, and work. If he has other pressing matters in his life that require a lot of his attention, then his love life, he will usually choose to deal with this stuff and backbench his love life when he can.

>>>> [He's afraid the relationship won't work out]...Committing to someone requires some risk. You're basically taking a big jump, and investing a lot of time into the relationship. Many guys and [gals] feel that it's not worth putting in a lot of effort unless it's a sure thing. But, you can never really know for sure, and that not knowing keeps a lot of people from committing to a relationship.

>>>> [He's only wants sex]...Unfortunately; some guys just want to make you another notch on his belt. Keep a close eye so you don't become another conquest. If your gut is telling you this, you are normally right.

>>>> [He doesn't like you enough]...Most of the reasons he won't commit is usually with him. But he might just see you as a fun person to date, but hasn't entertained the idea that you would be someone he'd commit to. It's tough to accept in this situation, but sometimes it's easily resolved it in your mind and you can move on.

>>>> [Your pressuring him]...If he's ever going to commit to you; he needs to make that decision on his own. If you keep on bringing it up, he could get bitter and irritated at the whole idea altogether. It's better for the relationship if he comes to the decision on his own.

In conclusion "How to get a guy to commit" can be one of the above reasons or something different. If you have marriage on your mind...He may not, if you believe this relationship will work put the time in to let him see that you are committed to this relationship. Another thing you can try, which is less pressuring to him is sending him some romantic texts every once in a while.

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nice article

  about 1 decade ago

Been married 38 years and I think if a man is not showing a decent amount of interest after a couple of weeks, sex might be the only attraction. If that's the case, kick him out, there are plenty more out there looking for lasting relationships.

  about 1 decade ago
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