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John Glenn's 50th Anniversary Of Going Into Orbit - - Reminders For Successful Marriage
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John Glenn\'s 50th Anniversary Of Going Into Orbit  -   -  Reminders for Successful Marriage

John Glenn was recently honored by NASA for his contributions to the space program for the USA. February 20, 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of his Friendship 7 spaceflight. That was a great accomplishment, and many who are married have similar aspirations of celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries.

On the historic space flight, Mr. Glenn orbited the earth three times in five hours. This got the United States back into the space program as a major force and set the stage for manned space flight to the moon several years later.

John had a goal of continuing to fly until he was 90 years old, and he accomplished that.

During this celebration, he had the opportunity to speak with three members of the crew on the International Space Station. During the course of their conversation, they discussed some of the many experiments that are carried out on the space station. When asked what the crew would like to hand him, they replied that they would like for him to work on their “regenerative environmental control systems" on space craft.

Then they said that was a fancy word for “toilet.”

He took the joke in stride, saying that that was exactly what he thought he would be assigned to.

He holds another honor--that of being the oldest person to go into space. He was 77 when he got to go into space in 1988.

Though he and his wife both had knee replacement surgery, he continues to walk two miles a day as part of his commitment to keeping in shape.

What can we learn about marriage from all this? Another way of stating this is, "How do you get to your 50th wedding anniversary?"

Here are four ideas as to how you can do that:

1. Have a commitment to longevity in your marriage. Don't consider it a trial marriage (although there will inevitably be trials in your marriage--ha!), but take seriously your vows of "until death do us part." John Glenn had a commitment to continue to fly, and he accepted the challenge at age 77 to go into space again. In our marriages, we will do well to live out our lifetime commitments.

2. Learn to communicate with your spouse. John got to talk with members of the International Space Station. They were not exactly on another planet, but sometimes in marriage it feels like you are talking from someone from another planet. Realize that men and women think differently. Do a little study on that and use what you learn to profit both of you.

3. Take care of yourself and your marriage. Mr. Glenn walks two miles a day. It is important for both of you to maintain your health. It is also important to make the health of your marriage a priority.

4. Maintain a sense of humor. The former astronaut laughed about the comment of his being assigned to the “regenerative environmental control systems" on space crafts experiment. This probably reflects his sense of humor in general. Don't forget to laugh, to enjoy life and enjoy each other. Enjoy your marriage.

John Glenn's fiftieth anniversary of a historic space flight was great, and your fiftieth wedding anniversary can be a wonderful milestone too!

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