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Problems In A Marriage? Deal With Them And Find Out How To Save Your Marriage
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Problems in a Marriage? Who doesn't have a few? On the other hand, do you feel that you have serious marriage problems? If you can identify your major problems, you can be on your way to figuring out how to save your marriage.

Many people let things begin to drift in their marriages. These can be small problems at first, but if enough of them are ignored, the marriage begins to cool down. If steps are not taken to correct the problems, this drifting can move the couple toward divorce.

What are some of the major problems in a marriage? Here are seven of them:

1. Boredom Issues

Boredom can cause your marriage to drift. Actually, it is very good for you to laugh together. A very wise writer said that "a merry heart does good, like a medicine."

So, use a little imagination to do some things out of the ordinary, and it is very good if you can include humorous ideas as part of your plans.

2. Cheating Issues

These issues include temptations to be unfaithful and actual unfaithfulness. If your spouse has been physically unfaithful, you are not required to take him or her back; however, if your spouse truly quits the affair and truly works on rebuilding the relationship, you can come out with a marriage even stronger than what you previously had.

Learning to forgive will be an important part of dealing with cheating issues.

3. Communication Issues

Men and women actually think differently. Women often view most of life as being interrelated. Men often view life as being quite compartmentalized. Failure to understand that these are both legitimate ways of thinking can lead to problems in marriage.

Expecting your spouse to think and reason in the same way do can cause some problems that may even lead to some of your fights.

Learn to value your spouse's thought processes and make real attempts to communicate, and you will find your marriage improving.

We have seen three major problems in a marriage that may surface from time to time. Let's look at some more of them.

4. Differences Issues

Many times opposites attract because we admire characteristics in another person, and those are characteristics that we do not naturally have. However, every personality type has accompanying weaknesses along with its strengths. After being married for a while, we begin to notice the weaknesses.

Understand that the areas where you are alike can be very strong in your marriage.

When it comes to your differences, you may have to learn the art of good compromise.

Basically, you want to celebrate your differences, but you likely will have to learn to overcome many of those differences too. Learning how to overcome your differences is one of the major ways of finding out how to save your marriage.

5. Admiration Issues

Simply put, you need to be your mate's biggest fan. If you are critical and fail to give appreciation, you make your spouse very vulnerable to others who will show them such positive attention.

6 Forgiveness issues

You may need to forgive your spouse for something that occurred in the past. You may also have to forgive yourself for some of your past mistakes. If you are recovering from an affair, this will be a major issue.

Successfully dealing with these six problems in a marriage shows that you are serious about learning how to save your marriage.

7. Intimacy Issues

You may find your times of physical intimacy becoming less and less. You will need to identify what is happening. Is it stress outside the marriage? Are medical issues, like a lessening of hormone production, the cause? Has your spouse found someone else who is meeting this need?

If is also very important that a wife strive to show her husband admiration and respect. Likewise, a husband should strive to show his wife affection and romantic love. These have been shown to affect physical intimacy.

Not only is it important to have physical intimacy, you should have spiritual intimacy as well.

If you identify the issues in your marriage that need attention, then you can take action, at least you can take action on how you deal with the issues. Even better, if both of you attack the problems that the two of you have identified together, you will be well on your way to figuring out how to save your marriage. You can recover from some very serious issues. Affairs are extremelyserious, but it truly is possible to be successful in dealing with recovery from an affair.

Identify and attack your problems, and you will be on your way to having an extremely successful marriage.

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