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Signs That He Wants To Marry You
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Signs That He Wants to Marry You

Are you in a relationship where you are pretty certain that the church bells will be ringing for you soon? However, you don't want to take anything for granted. Many men inadvertently give some clues when they like you, and when they're ready to ask you out on a date and most importantly when they're getting ready to ask for your hand in marriage.

Your boyfriend could not be beating around the bush, but his actions will give him away. Here are six signs that he wants to marry you...

>>>> Number 1. [He talks in plural more than singular]...This is a good telltale sign that he sees both of you as one. This is a good clue that he would like to be more than just your boyfriend.

>>>> Number 2. [Your talks are dealing with more serious issues]...If he has in the past not shared very much serious stuff, but lately he's been talking to you about what bothers him particularly work issues, family issues and even some health concerns. Men typically only share this more personal stuff when they comfortable with their girlfriend. This sharing is a really good sign that that he wants to marry you.

>>>> Number 3. [He's talking about future plans]...Men in general would not talk about something in the future unless he's got more on his mind. If he has been taking to you about these important issues, it means that he would like to have your opinion.

>>>> Number 4. [Is he spending more time with you instead of his friends?] Men love to be with their friends because he can goof off around them. Men are like little kids who want to play with the boys. But if he has been hanging around you more than normally, then it's very likely he wants to marry you and spend his life with you.

>>>> Number 5. [He brings up the marriage issue]...It might be direct or indirectly as though he's sharing about a friend who just tied the knot. If he talks about this, odds are, he is also thinking about asking you to marry him. Men don't talk about something that doesn't interest them.

>>>> Number 6. [He introduces you to his family]...Of all the signs that he wants to marry you this is the most important. You are the final catch. If he takes you home and lovingly introduces you to everyone in his family then you've won half the battle. His family has a big influence on whom he marries and by bringing you to meet them; it's much like meeting a future member of his family.

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