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Successful Marriage Tips - Learn From The Best
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Successful Marriage Tips  -  Learn From the Best

When looking for successful marriage tips, learn from the best people and resources you can find. That really is a good idea for any endeavor, isn't it? It is especially important when dealing with something that affects your life as much as marriage does.

If you get married in your teens, twenties, or even early thirties, it is likely that you will spend most of your life in this situation--that is, you will if you make the traditional commitment of staying together until death parts you.

Since we are looking for good ideas, how should we go about this?

You can look to several sources to get successful marriage tips.

1. People you know well who seem to have it together

This is a really good place to start. It is so important because you will have a great deal of confidence in them. You know these people well enough to look beyond the idealistic view of marriage. You know they deal with all kinds of things in life, even difficult things, just like all of the rest of us. Yet, they survive, and beyond that, they often thrive!

This is a great place to get successful marriage tips. Let's look at another one.

2. People who have been married for forty or fifty years

Even if you don't know them well, you have some basis for thinking that they know what they are talking about. Surely they have made it through some hard times. They also have some tips for you because they have learned to adjust to each other. They also will probably have many encouraging stories--especially how they made it through some early financial challenges. They will also attest to the fact that love, though it includes romance, is really much more comprehensive than just a romantic feeling.

We've seen two resources, now let's look at a third.

3. People who work with many married couples

Pastors have much experience that comes from dealing with people. They often help people work through marital issues. They also have seen their share of times when people did not stick it out, and they feel sad because many of the breakups could have been avoided.

Christian counselors and counselors in general deal with many people that are in different stages of marriage. They have the benefit of having received some training that specifically applies to marriage situations, as well as the experience of dealing with many people.

These professionals also have a different perspective than just general observers of couples who have worked through marriage problems. That difference comes from the fact that many couples share confidential information with their pastors and professional counselors. They, therefore, have more information as they observe what works in marriages that make it through their struggles.

These people can give you great tips that would help you to avoid the heartache that many of the couples they have counseled have gone through.

4. People who have gathered much information

This would include authors and speakers on the subject of marriage. They may have a wide range of tips for you. They will have much information on things that they have experienced themselves, but they will also have a wide range of helpful information on things they have not experienced.

So, when looking for successful marriage tips, learn from the best people and resources you can find.

Street Talk

Great article. Thanks!

  about 1 decade ago

Sarah, I wouldn't either. I know that I said you could talk to those who hav been married for forty or fifty years even if you don't know a couple well. Of course you will have to be discerning since you don't know them well, but they have shown an ability to have longevity. On the other hand, as you say, just being in the same houshold down't mean they have had a successful marriage. So, when going to these couples in search of marriage tips, check out other clues as to whether they even like each other. Those couples who show love and respect for each other now will probably have some advice for when things were not always easy. Those are the ones who can give good tiips. Thanks for your comment.

  about 1 decade ago

You have some great ideas on where to get tips as to where to get information on strengthening one's marriage. However, just because a couple has been married a long time doesn't mean the marriage was successful (not in my eyes anyway). Some couples argue a lot, and some of them have lots of physical fights. I would not want to ask them for ideas on how to improve my marriage if I was looking for help.

  about 1 decade ago
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