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Tending Loves Fire
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Tending Loves Fire

When the spark of love ignites it can become an all consuming inferno. I might be getting middle age but I remember the glow of youthful burning love… or was that lust?

Either way, it’s easy to be kind, understanding, generous, forgiving, patient, faithful and many other positive things when our passion is new and aroused.

What happens, however, when time goes on and the inferno is no longer destructively rampant? Lovers settle themselves in to enjoy the warmth for a while and even enjoy the sweetness that comes when marshmallows can be roasted over the glowing embers.

The worry is that this is the stage when the night gets long and contentment can turn to complacency. Worse still, some people doze by the fire and forget to feed it until there is only a flicker of warmth, a spark, a fizzle, cold dark and charred remains of what was once a living breathing union of souls.

Keeping the flame of love alive is not difficult. Any fire will burn indefinitely if it is fed, tended, and contained in a safe area. Anyone who is following my analogy should understand what I’m getting at there.

The love you or I have for our life partner should be held in the highest value level of our life. Both partners need to make choices in life that are not only best for themselves but ones that will also have respect for their partners interests and wellbeing.

I’m not saying this is always easy. Sometimes it does require compromise and all those other good things I mentioned earlier.

When a fire is small, growing, or even struggling everyone knows to put small branches or twigs on it. They must be dry and ready to be consumed. There must be more than one. Nobody can make love burn alone.

A big log dumped in the middle of things is not going to feed or edify any relationship. More likely a demand for too great a thing too soon is just going to smother the life that is blossoming.

How nice though to know that the home fires are burning. That they are tended by more than you alone. That regardless of how cold the world may be outside there is somewhere safe to return to at the end of the day. That the warming glow of commitment and devotion to another pays great dividends.

Remember the inferno? The potential remains. All that is required is to feed the fire.

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