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Three Signs He Will Propose Soon
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Do you think most men have a hard time sharing their true feelings? Do you ever wonder what is in your boyfriends mind? You may find yourself questioning the direction of your present relationship and, becoming frustrated like most other women, wondering what to do when he pulls away.

Are there actually signs he will propose soon?

Lets take a look at what a man may begin to do if he is getting ready to propose to you.


What about them?

Sometimes the reason that men take so long at popping the question is they are first interested in securing their financial future before committing to a relationship.

When he gives off signs that he is preparing for more of the long term with his finances and focuses more on these areas of his life it may be a sign he will propose soon.

Essential part of his life:

If you find that he is making you a more essential part of his life, asking for your opinions on how to handle a problem at work, or major choices of his life, it may give some signs he is about to drop to one knee and open up a small box.

Oh and by the way, I am not talking about stocking shelves at the grocery store either.

By including you in these types of decisions he may begin to see that together the two of you will build a great future.

Introducing You To Mom:

If your man has a very close relationship with his mother and you find that he still brings you home, you should feel confident that your relationship is heading in the right direction. This could actually imply that he really wants his family to appreciate and love you like he does. OK, maybe not exactly like he does but you get my drift. If he allows you to spend time with his family, eat dinner, play cards or what have ya, be assured this might be at the top of the list as a sign he will propose soon.

Even though they may see these signs in their man some women still get a little impatient and push at how to make him propose fast. You may want to hurry it along a bit sooner like these impatient women but be forewarned. A man’s pride is very important to him and if you decide to force his decision in the following three ways you may find yourself in the online dating scene once again.

  • The Ultimatum -

    “If we are not married by June then…” Then what? This just gives him thoughts at hit-n the road.

  • The Guilt Pressure -

    Don’t force him by telling him, “Well Amy and Chad are married and so is…” this will mount your prince back on his horse heading for the hills as fast as he can.

  • The Emotional Pressure -

    If you think crying will make a difference think again. A lot of men will take advantage of this.

In conclusion, there is probably only one singular thing that you can do to make him propose fast. But, that is for another article.

If you succeed in this one singular thing, like some of the others we know of, you may begin to see signs he will propose soon. And maybe, just maybe you will hear that familiar ring in your ear. “I now pronounce you Princesses and Frog” OK, you know what I mean.

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