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Understanding A Spouse's Needs - Overcoming Unemployment Stress In Marriage
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Many married individuals today worry about the state of the world economy and recession hitting many countries, if the situation hasn't affected them already. If you are married or are in a steady relationship, are you and your spouse secure in knowing that either you or both of you are going to still have a job tomorrow, or next year? If you have a spouse who is already unemployed, you need to understand your spouse's needs and fears because unemployment can put a stress on your marriage. Overcoming unemployment stress in a marriage is the key to a healthy and lasting relationship, and is crucial if both of you want to come out triumphant from the insecurities caused by not having a steady income.

Recognizing your spouse's needs and overcoming unemployment stress

Imagine you are the one without a job and cannot contribute to the table. How would you feel? That is exactly how your unemployed wife or husband feels. To put it very bluntly, he or she may feel useless, stressed, insecure, anxious and depressed. You do not need to add to the pressure by nagging him to keep looking for a job because your spouse already knows that. Be understanding and tolerant when your spouse cannot find a job quickly. Even though you may resent being the sole breadwinner now, this situation is only temporary. Both of you can think of constructive ways in overcoming the unemployment stress together.

If your spouse does not know what to do, both of you should come up ways to share the responsibility of taking care of the household so your spouse does not feel useless. Let's say you work from 9 to 5, then have your spouse take care of doing the house chores, or take care of the children. This way you reduce your expenses by cooking at home instead of eating out, and dismissing your nanny. Unemployment stress is caused mostly by financial insecurities. Make it a point to discuss with your spouse how you can reduce your expenditure and brainstorm other ways to help your spouse earn an income.

Blaming hurts, be constructively supportive helps

Some of you may feel the need to blame your spouse for doing too little or being lazy. The truth is, it IS difficult to find employment now. Most of you must realize that many of the unemployed need to take a huge pay cut if they were to be employed at all. Regardless of that, always be constructively supportive to your struggling spouse. Encourage him or her to find other ways to earn an income. Being unemployed isn't the end of the world. Many have found being unemployed a great motivation to pursue other means of achieving their dreams which they wouldn't have done if they were still working for other people. And these people succeeded!

So, stop blaming and start encouraging. Who knows, both of you may end up closer, happier and richer than before just by understanding your spouse's needs and working together to overcome the unemployment stress in your relationship.

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