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Why Get Married
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Why Get Married

The number of women who are choosing to stay single is increasing compared to the earlier days of our parents when it was a requirement for one to be married by a certain age. These days phrases like single forever or “who says I have to be married”. Most people especially women associate being single with independence, while there are those who say they got married because they just want to be happy.

Sometimes while in a relation we loose focus, check within yourself and be sure that you are content with yourself. Are you happy on your own, do you love yourself, can you stand on your own? This therefore means you do not need someone to feel in the void; you need someone to share what you have.

So then why get married?

The reasons for getting married will vary depending on one’s beliefs but hen again we do have to be practical and realistic, I mean you are not going to choose to live with a murderer just because you feel you love them are you? So here I outline the practical reasons

1. To have children and build your family. Yes people do have children out of wedlock and we still love the children but from time memorial marriage has been seen as the foundation of a solid family, this of course means it has to be with someone who relates very well with children.

2. To share your life and family with the person who brings out the best in you.

3. Getting married means there are no booty calls. I mean let’s face it, you have your partner with you all the time unless you just have a bad character then of course you should not be reading this, marriage is just not for you.

4. Love: Love is a beautiful thing and it’s wonderful to love and feel loved and this can be experienced both within and without marriage. Get married to share the love, each person has too much of it going on so why not share it in matrimony.

When choosing to get married, this is the one decision that you do not make with your heart, think hard about it. I do not believe in the ‘follow your heart’ story, follow your head. Make sure you are well prepared before saying I do. Put down a list of the things you love about your partner and the things you don’t like then weigh and decide if you can truly accept them as they are without trying to change them.

Do not get married because you love someone; get married because you are in love with the person not because you can live with the person but because you cannot live without the person.

Before making that big decision, think carefully about it because it is something you want to do once in your life time.

To my husband Idele, I am happy I chose to share my life with you.

Street Talk

Very good article... yes marriage is a vital necessity... its like having a companion on a long journey, with whom you can share the journey... and make it that extra "better" :)

  about 7 years ago
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