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Wife Not Affectionate – How Do I Get My Wife To Be Loving And Affectionate With Me Again?
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Have you been in a marriage where you’re noticing your wife is not affectionate?

You’re probably wondering what’s going on, and what you can do about it. After all, it’s pretty heart-breaking when your wife isn’t showing you the love and affection that she used to.

Makes you wonder what’s wrong, and if it could mean the end of your marriage.

Why Is Your Wife Not Affectionate?

There are many times when a wife isn’t affectionate and it has nothing to do with you. That’s something that you have to assess now before you start rocking the boat too much.

But there are other times when a wife isn’t affectionate, and it means serious trouble in the relationship.

The truth is that more often than not, a wife who stops being affectionate is showing you that she’s having some issues and that well…she’s just not that into you anymore. Yes that happens in some marriages, not all. As well, it’s not a normal part of marriage.

You’re actually supposed to fall more and more in love…or should I say, your wife is supposed to fall more and more in love with you.

So what could it mean that your wife is not affectionate.

Well more than likely it means that she’s losing attraction for you in a big way!

Here’s the thing. Attraction means just about everything whether you realize it or not. Most people make the mistake thinking that love carries a marriage. The fact is that love is hugely important, but it almost always follows attraction. Attraction creates love and affection. And as attraction goes, so does the affection. While your wife may still deep down love you, and she might give you a kidney, it doesn’t mean that she’s going to want to be affectionate or intimate with you.

Unfortunately as the affection and intimacy goes, so do the feelings of wanting to stay with a person, even if she does still “love” you. The fact is that it’s just no fun being with someone that you’re not attracted to.

How to Rebuild Attraction if Your Wife Is Not Affectionate…

Ok, so how do you get the attraction, the affection, and very importantly, the intimacy back?

Well the fact is that it’s very likely your own fault that your wife has stopped being affectionate with you. The reason it’s your fault is that you simply haven’t been doing the things that create and sustain attraction for a woman. Plain and simple.

What does that exactly? Well there’s been a big huge shift in the way that men act. In short, men have stopped acting like men. They’ve stopped being leaders, being in charge, and they’ve instead become lapdogs to the women that they’re with.

This goes against millions of years of DNA coding that’s made women attracted to men since the days of the caveman. Women want and NEED a leader to be attracted to. They also need a man that is his own man, who isn’t afraid to do what he wants when he wants.

I know you’re thinking that your wife fights you every step of the way when you try this. But the fact is that you need to learn to fight your instincts of stopping and keep simply being the leading man. Not a jerk, but a man who is in charge of his life, as well as the family.

Do this and you will quickly be able to stop saying my wife is not affectionate, or worse my wife hates me.

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