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Wife Not Attracted To Me Anymore – Does That Mean She’s Going To Leave Me Soon?
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Are you feeling the horrid feeling of my wife is not attracted to me anymore?

If so then you’re not alone. It happens all the time, and most men just think it’s a part of being married.

But the dirty little secret that they don’t understand is that there many men who’s wife are still highly attracted to them. And a great majority of these men aren’t particularly great looking, in shape, and they make an average income.

How Do Some Men Get Away Without Having to Ever Say My Wife Is Not Attracted to Me Anymore?

So here’s the thing. Your wife at some point was obviously attracted to you.

That’s the reason she went out with you, fell in love with you, and decided that she wanted to marry you.

But somewhere along the way that attraction has faded, and you’re wondering why. You probably spend countless hours wondering if she has fallen in love with someone else or if she’s having an affair.

You may have even been looking in the mirror, and thinking that it’s because of the fact that you’ve let yourself go a little bit. Or you may even be thinking that you need to start getting her more gifts, and kissing her butt a little bit more.

The truth is that it’s likely not any of that stuff.

It’s probably because of the man that you’ve become, or should I say the man that you’ve stopped being. You see, you may have fallen into the trap where you’ve stopped wanting to fight over silly things, because life is easier that way. I understand because I did it myself.

You stop standing up for yourself, for what you want to be. And you stop leading, and instead…again to keep the peace…you start following. You become at your wife’s beck and call, and therefore lose your leadership qualities…and your manliness that your wife NEEDS in order for you to be attractive to her. And once she’s not attracted to you anymore, then she loses her interest in being intimate with YOU.

That in turn can lead to her desire to be intimate with others in order to feel the void.

The answer is pretty simple actually. The answer is to once again become the type of man that is wired into her DNA to be attracted to for centuries. You have to become the man that a woman has been attracted to since the caveman days basically. The hardest and most confusing part is that most times, the woman – your wife – doesn’t even realize this. Unbeknownst to her in fact, she’s been trying to turn you into the man that she thought that she wanted…the beta man…when what she really needs is the alpha male in her life.

It’s time for you to become that alpha male in order to never have to say your wife is not attracted to me anymore…or worse…my wife hates me.

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