BJJ Health Benefits, Inside And Outside
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BJJ health benefits, inside and outside

When you start BJJ, and if you stick around, you soon find out that there are more benefits to BJJ than just getting fit. Sure becoming fit is a great part of it, but there is so much more involved.

If you have found a place with a great coach and great students you get along with, you will find that your BJJ won't stop just at training, but outside of training as well.

Physically, it is obvious the benefits you will get, becoming fitter and healthier from moving around. As well as learning techniques that can be applicable in a self defense situation.

Other benefits that aren't so obvious

There will be times in your BJJ career where you have to take time off of training, it's inevitable. This could be from an injury, work, moving house, sickness, or any number of things we face in life.

I have faced my fair share of injuries through training, most of them not from training itself (generally, if you get injured at training it's probably your own fault. Don't be afraid to tap, it's not the world champs!)

You may not realize at first, but you will definitely find you are gaining some self confidence and a better self esteem. You will be happier as a person and have new friends.

The time this really starts to become obvious to yourself is when you do have these temporary lay offs. I find myself to get really antsy and easily agitated if I have not been to training for a while. Something is missing. Then I go back and feel like me again.

Mental strength

You may have heard that BJJ is like a chess game, trying to be multiple steps ahead of your opponent. You build your mental strength through the years of training. Like anything this is a skill that takes time.

There will be days where you may just get crushed and feel completely useless, like you didn't gain much at all. Keep in mind that you were still exercising your body, as well as your mind.

The struggle you go through is all part of the process, and so long as you stay persistent and keep coming back, you are still growing your "mind muscles"

I remember when I first stepped on to the mat and had my first roll against a blue belt, I was there thinking "I'll never get this good", then as time goes by, getting beaten up by everyone there at the time, tapping out a lot, I eventually got better and learned a lot along the way. Persistence was key.

Real life benefits

I am usually a lot calmer if I have been training. More in control and suddenly the little things in life don't get to me anymore.

Challenges in life will seem easier as you have conditioned yourself to constantly go against these battles and solving them on the fly. The benefits you obtain on the mat will naturally overflow into life off of the mat.

If I was to say what the negatives of BJJ are, it would be this. You may find yourself losing sleep at night, as you lay in bed thinking about training you had that night. You will have techniques running through your head and how you can improve on it.

Another "negative" you may experience is that you will talk BJJ or think BJJ at inappropriate times. Maybe you have a date and get upset because you got swept all night trying a new move and your date just doesn't understand?

But don't worry if they don't understand. Pay your bill, wish them a nice evening, go train and make someone tap!

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