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How To Buy Jiu Jitsu Gis Online
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How to Buy Jiu Jitsu Gis Online

Buying a jujitsu gi is a very important investment for someone who wants to succeed in the sport. A comfortably fit gi not only makes the practitioner feel better about themselves, but they are more agile and mobile, which will definitely assist them from accidents such as snagging a knee or elbow due to rough and unfit clothing. Jujitsu dojos almost always sell gis and kimonos to new members, but usually only carry one brand. The internet has much more availability and options when it comes to jujitsu gi's. There are so many brands, colors, sizes, designs and materials that is essential to be able to browse and see what uniform in particular you desire, which often cannot be achieved at your brazilian jiu jitsu dojo due to the lack of availability. I am going to discuss the best approach for browsing the internet for a jujitsu gi well suited for you.

1) The price: Everybody has a different budget, and some gis quite frankly just cost more than others. Having variability is key, but you as a an individual seeking a gi needs to be able to know what your budget is, and then be able to identify the proper store, or what is also referred to as platform, to browse for the gi and purchase it. If you know the price range you are looking to spend, you can determine whether you are looking for new or used gis, which are all available online.

2) Sizing matters: Knowing what size you wear is key. Do not just choose whatever size looks right to you in the picture. It's suggested to try a sample gi on so you can know which one is appropriate for you. There are A1's, A2's, A3's and etc. The higher the number, the bigger the gi is. Although, you must keep in mind that different brands and materials may not equilibriate to the same exact number, but having a general idea of your size in mind will take you a long way in the process.

3) Color: Color is not a big deal, but it's still something to consider. For competition purposes, most tournaments, especially the more famous ones such as the IBJJF, only allow blue and white colored gi's. Some academies also only sell these in color, but on the internet, you can find any color of gi, most notably black. Depending on your academy and your instructors at your dojo, the requirements of coloring may differ, but I recommend getting either a white or blue.

4) Material: Most gis are made out of cotton and can shrink easily. Knowing and reading information regarding what type of material you are purchasing is essential so that the gi will not shrink on you and change your size, which unfortunately may require you to buy a newer one. Other materials that can be found in gis are polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. Gis should not be dried in the dryer unless on delicate or air dry, as they are easily shrinkable. Some gis are this way more than others, so be careful to make sure this does not happen for you.

5) Patches: If your academy, such as Gracie Barra or possibly others, require patches or logos, and you choose to buy your gi on the internet, chances are, it's not going to come with your required logos. So you can buy the logos and have them additionally sewn on. This would require you to browse through the internet and see which logo is necessary for you to have.

6) Websites: Finding jiu jitsu content websites, which share specifics and engage readers with details of different gis is a great way to be able to finalize your thought process and begin the decision making.

While looking for jujitsu gis over the internet, you need to keep various factors in mind, from cost, to material and size, to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. The best way to do this is to find websites and stores on the internet that tailor to the niche of apparel you are interested in purchasing. Make sure you keep all these factors in mind to ensure that you are a happy, agile, and mobile jiu jitsu practitioner.

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