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How To Choose A Martial Art
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If you're planning on venturing into the field of martial arts there are many to choose from. An obvious statement but we've all seen the explosion in popularity of Mixed Martial Arts, mainly the UFC and its feeder circuits.

The benefits of martial arts are not just the self defense aspects of it but the physical conditioning that goes with taking classes.

The first thing to consider is what you want in a martial art. There is no such thing as the perfect martial art. The best one is the one you're taking.

If you're looking to compete in tournaments the best ones to choose are judo, karate and tae kwon do. There is also kendo which is Japanese fencing.

While some may criticize tournaments as not being realistic, it's really the only way to practice your techniques. You can't go up to someone on the street and ask, "I take karate can I practice on you?" The likely answer will be no.

Gone are the days when you can challenge someone to a duel without ending up in prison.

If you want a more practical self defense art there is jujitsu and kenpo.

Once you've decided on a martial art you want to study, you need to decide if the school it's being taught at is right for you.

First make sure that the instructor has the proper credentials to teach. Is the main head of the dojo have a back ground from authentic and reputable sources.

Is there proper first aid equipment on site? Martial arts are a contact sport and injuries, though seldom serious, do happen.

The best instructors have their own instructors and never stop learning.

The other things to consider are adult classes and children's classes separate? Children may get the benefit of learning to defend against an adult, which in reality they can't without a weapon or screaming "help this is not my mother or father." But for adults there is no benefit to taking classes with children.

What are the fees? Not just for classes but for belt tests as well. Some schools use belt tests as a way to get more revenue and are constantly churning out black belts.

And on that note, how many black belts are there in the dojo. In reality there should be very few. It should be about a 4 to 7 year plan to get to black belt. A black belt should be an accomplishment you worked hard for not something you bought.

With striking arts it will be closer to 4 with grappling arts it will be closer to 7. This is because striking arts are more forgiving of mistakes. Regardless of where you hit someone there will be an effect.

With a grappling art the technique has to be almost perfect in order for it to work. That's why you see small women lifting and throwing men with seeming ease. It's technique not strength.

Hopefully this helped you to find what you're looking for.

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