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Eye Pain? - 8 Simple Steps To Relieve Eye Pain
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It may seem very unlikely that one can overuse the eyes, the constant gazing and fixation on objects which include the modern world of computers, cell phones and television, anything that can strain the eyes. This straining of the eyes affect external muscles in which causing your eyes to feel a sensation of aching and stinging. Believe it or not what can also cause the eye sight to be affected are stressful circumstances. In the self-massage that I will be showing you that professionals call palming, Has two benefits which are physical and mental. What this does is it relaxes your eyes and relieves tension in the neck muscles, which is extremely needed for circulation to your eyes. If you are worried about your eyes, complete these steps twice a day followed by a neck massage.

Step 1: while having on loose necked shirt sit close to a table. Then shrug your shoulders as if you didn’t have a care in the world in a circular motion 6 times.

Step 2: Close your hands together while rubbing them vigorously for a couple of seconds to generate friction to warm the hands up.

Step 3: Now gently place your palms over your eyes, Make sure you close your eyes so that light does not seep in.

Step 4: Now gently rest your elbows on a flat surface, (Table, desk, Etc.) Then take a few deep breaths in, At this point you will start to feel your neck muscles relax.

Step 5: This point you can let your arms slide apart on the flat surface and gently and slowly sink your head into your hands, pressing and putting weight on the elbows. At this point take a few minutes to visualize a colorful vivid scene, nature landscapes or even a peaceful place that you have visited before while at the same time changing perspectives.

Step 6: After a minute, let the visualization fade from mind and inhale deeply 6 times. Make light contact with your eyeballs by stretching your thumbs and fingers. Your hands should flatten leaving an oval gap between your eye sockets and palms.

Step 7: You can now lower hands to the cheek area while making smooth circular motions from between the eye brows to your temple, 6 times.

Step 8: Relax and place your arms at your side. Widen your eyes and calmly breathe deeply.

I use these steps 2 times a week since im always on the computer and using my smart phone a lot. This will help sooth eye pain that you may have. Utilize this self massage for eyes steps twice daily to help sooth any eyeball discomfort that you may feel.

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