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Top Three Reasons People Avoid Massage
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Top Three Reasons People Avoid Massage

Massage therapy is an excellent piece of a health-care program. It stimulates the body to release 'feel-good' hormones, it refreshes tired and sore muscles, and it can prevent or reverse injuries. Despite the benefits, many people say they'd never get a massage because of the following three reasons.

I'm Too Fat...

I've worked on hundreds of different clients, and, because we live in 'Merica', most all of them think that they should shed a few pounds. People are rarely accurate in their views of themselves, someone 10 lbs. overweight might feel like they're 100 lbs. overweight. I've worked on both, actually...clients who are barely overweight, to clients who don't even fit on the massage table. What do I think about them?

I don't really care! To your massage therapist, bodies are bodies. I've seen all shapes and sizes, and it doesn't matter to me if a person I'm working on is overweight or not. In fact, I prefer an overweight client to underweight. A massage therapist is almost like a sculptor, shaping the muscles, joints and contours of the body. It's harder to do that well on a bony person.

At the end of the day, your therapist is doing his or her job to make a living, not to hang out and judge people. When I see someone, I don't look at their body and think 'fit or fat'? I think 'How can I really help this person, retain them as a client, and give them a mind-blowing massage to get a good tip?'

I'm Too Hairy...

Most people are hairy, we're mammals, so it's kind of in the nature of our species. Arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs, feet, and of course, the infamous hairy butt; any and all could be on a man, or a woman, and it isn't ever a surprise. There are some especially hairy people out there, but unlike the last topic, there is an immediate solution...shave, or invest in a trimmer.

Most times, I'll get a super hairy client, and it's obvious that being hairy doesn't bother, but just know that it takes more effort to work on a really hairy person. If it bothers you, buzz it off and enjoy your session. If it doesn't bother you then leave it! Just tip really well, it's the least you can do for sending me away with your back hair stuck all over my hands and arms...

I'll Be Naked...

Only if you want to be. It's interesting that when most people see me for the first time, they don't take it all off. Most will leave their underwear on, which is fine. As licensed massage therapists, we're trained to skillfully use the sheets that you lay between to wrap and cover your body. That means it's my goal to respect my client's modesty and privacy.

I've never, in the hundreds of massages that I've given, exposed one of my clients. I've never seen a boob, butt crack, or any other 'junk' at all. I think that's a good thing and your therapist will feel the same way. Most times when I see someone a second time, they decide to undress completely, which I really like more. Even thongs or the skimpiest g-string divide the body into sections and break up the flow of a massage. And its only when someone undresses completely that I get to use my favorite and most relaxing of all the Swedish Massage techniques.

However you feel comfortable, naked or not; your therapist will respect your modesty and privacy and will never see you naked. Just know that if you wear anything at all, you may be limiting how fluid and relaxing your massage is; don't pay for a limited massage. In my opinion, trust your therapist, take it all off!

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