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Genital Warts Can Cause A Problem But There Is Not Reason To Let It Get You Down There Are So Many Things To Remember About Treatment
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Genital Warts Can Cause A Problem But there is Not Reason to Let it Get You Down There Are so Many Things to Remember About Treatment

When I was told by an ex that there was the possibility that I genital warts because they had genital warts, I felt pretty awful. It was like a deep feeling of sadness and grossness. I remembered high school and the showing of these awful deforming pictures of mangled genitals. Is that what is going to happen to me?

So you can imagine my feeling when I learned from the doctor about an abnormal pap smear and having HPV. Not only did I have those images from high school gym class in my head. I now had a mirage of other questions float through my head. Let’s go these questions one by one. Please be prepared, because I have a lot of them!

I remember those awful images. How likely is it that I will have these terrible disgusting warts all over me?

Come to find out that yes that can happen, but chances are they won’t. Hiding from the problem is the last thing that should be done though. This is because those warts will have a chance of growing and thriving if they are not properly treated.

Am I a gross, weird, disgusting human being that can’t have future relationships or children?

This one is funny to me now, but back then, I took this really seriously. I have an STD! That means people will think I’m damaged, disgusting, and promiscuous, right? The reality is over half of everyone in most countries get HPV. It’s super common. There are not a lot of things that can necessarily be done in order to prevent HPV because it is so contagious. Here are some things that you can consider though. Don’t have sex. If you have to have sex, wait till your thirty or have sex with fewer people. Don’t get intimate. HPV spreads with skin-to-skin contact and you don’t even necessarily need to have sex to spread it. Sometimes Wartrol can help from the warts they cause. But it needs to be caught early.

HPV has no cure, correct?

No, it doesn’t and the reason for this is because viruses have no cure. But the history of HPV proves that most cases clear up on their own. One of the reasons HPV spreads so well among us it because so many people have it and don’t know about it. But some people are more sensitive to it and get breakouts and even the infection leads to some cancers. But most of the time someone’s natural immune system will take care of this sort of problem on its own. But some people will require lots of treatment.

Does this mean I can’t have kids?

Since HPV clears up for most people, it can be in a dormant state and undetectable. When it’s like that, then sure you can have kids. But HPV has hundreds of strains so the risk of reinfection never goes away.

How do I get rid of these genital warts?

There are lots of ways to do this. But it depends on how mild or major your case is. Some of them do go away on their own. Others will require a salicylic acid treatment like Wartrol. Still others work require cryotherapy (freezing) and can even require minor surgical procedures. So it really does depend on your case and what you need for relief. But the soon treatments begin, the better.

Please remember that there is nothing wrong with you. You are a good person who needs compassion and understanding in dealing with this problem and moving forward from it. But I hope this has helped you be more empowered and understanding on what you will need to do to move forward to where HPV is just an old bump in the road. Just keep things like Wartrol or other recommended procedures, and the rest will be history.

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