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Heartburn Relief At Home – Getting The Relief You Need Quickly
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Heartburn Relief At Home – Getting The Relief You Need Quickly

When people are looking for heartburn relief at home, they usually turn to antacids which they have in their medicine cabinet. These work just by reducing the levels of acid in the digestive system, which is at the root of the problem. They also have the great capacity to reduce the levels of pepsin which can do a lot of damage to your stomach lining. This pepsin is an enzyme which is triggered by plenty of acid. So, the less acid the better, or at least the right amount.

Usually you can take antacids immediately after a meal should you be feeling uncomfortable. If you do happen to take it on an empty stomach, then the effects will be short-lived. If you take it after a meal, you could get relief for up to two to three hours.

But many people go overboard with antacids. There is a risk that you can get too much magnesium which is the basic ingredient as this is what counteracts the acid. Sometimes this sort of overdose can lead to fainting and confusion as well as sleepiness so you would be well advised not to drive if you are experiencing some these symptoms which can be traced to the overuse of antacids.

After all, we need acid to hep us digest but we need to keep it in moderation. We can take simple precautions like eating at a leisurely pace and also avoiding acidic type food and drink like coffee and alcohol. But everybody reacts in a different to food so it is impossible to give a hard and fast rule. If you are always on the go, then the three G’s- grab, gulp and go are going to contribute to your heartburn very efficiently. If you are lucky enough to eat at home, get up from the table not feeling completely full. I know that taking a walk after a meal can help.

Basically heartburn relief at home consists of watching your diet so that you are not overdoing it on the acidic front. You will need to find out what foods are making you feel ill. What are the symptoms of heartburn that you should be looking out for?

• chest feels as if it is burning

• throat also feels as of it is on fire

• chest pain is sometimes present and often confused with heart pain

• there may be difficulty in swallowing.

The key to heartburn relief at home is to eat the right foods so that the whole unpleasant experience can be avoided and you get back to a normal existence. Here are some of the foods which should NOT be on your menu if you are really intent on getting better!

• avoid those fatty foods, especially the fried ones as they tend to hang around for a long time and not get digested so quickly

• try baking and grilling foods rather than frying

• too many of the acidic foods such as tomatoes, oranges and vinegar are all to be avoided

• try drinking lots of water with your meals to help offset an acidic attack!

As everybody is different, you really have to keep a food diary which will help you pinpoint those foods that are causing you the most discomfort. The best way to get heartburn relief at home is to find out what the best cure can be and that is what my blog is all about. Why not check it out?

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