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Heartburn Relief At Night – Follow These Steps To Get Better
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Heartburn Relief At Night – Follow These Steps To Get Better

If you have eaten a lot rather quickly, well you are more than liable to want heartburn relief at night. It is always better to eat smaller meals, such as five ones the size of your fist rather than three large ones. That is becoming increasingly difficult, given the rise of giant portions and the ‘eat all you want offers’. The latter are a recipe for heartburn, I can tell you!

But what can you do to get heartburn relief at night? This is when it is most likely to occur but if you follow these simple steps, then it will be less probable.

Your sleep may be disturbed for the following reasons:-

• If your pillow is too low, then the acid may rise and cause you considerable discomfort.

• You may have gone to bed too early or finished your dinner too late. Once you are lying down, the digestion process is compromised so that is why it is always better to wait

• You may have exceeded your limits of alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, citrus fruits and spicy foods.

• You can help to find what triggers your worst attacks by keeping a simple food diary

• You can increase your intake of water at mealtimes so that the quantity of alcohol is also reduced.

• Water is a much better solution when you have an attack of heartburn. This is far superior to drinking milk which actually causes your stomach to release even more acid!

• You can get immediate relief by drinking some more water with a tablespoon of baking soda.

• Some people get relief from taking a little vinegar – these are obviously people who have to little acid in their system. This fact is often overlooked but too little acid also cause heartburn!

Did you know that you have a very special valve at the end of the oesophagus where it meets the entrance to the stomach. This valve is rather important because it can shut off excess acid and prevent it from coming up ad causing even more discomfort. The two foods that seem to cause this valve to relax and open are alcohol and chocolate so these need to be reduced.

Another way to get heartburn relief at night is to try eating a banana during the day as that seems to perform a natural antacid function. Also pineapples are said to be a great help too.

But the ultimate cure for heartburn relief at night may involve some other simple remedies and changes to lifestyle. Why not check out my blog for what these are and get back on track to a painless existence even after a delicious dinner!

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