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Benefits Of Meditation And How Does Qigong Work
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Benefits of Meditation and How Does Qigong Work

Stress is a great part of our everyday life. If you live in a modern day society then you are effected by stress and stress born diseases. learn how meditation can help you. Also, you learn the answers to questions like how does qigong work and is it great for healing?

Stress born diseases can be devastating to your health. Some known diseases are high blood pressure, asthma, being overweight, and cancer. You can see that having a stress full life can most defiantly put you under 10ft of earth real soon. The good news is that all this can be prevented and reversed but the time to act is now.

By doing meditation you can reduce your stress level, and if you practice allot you can completely control how you react to stressful situations. Meditation effects all your organs, and so far we only have a very little understanding of how meditation works, we only know a fraction of the all benefits.

What makes meditation so special?

Meditation helps us see clearer, recognize our faults and strengths. When we get that harmony feeling, we feel better, happier, and those feelings will carry on with us though out the day, kinda like a piece of gum stuck on our shoes. we become more productive because a busy mind takes up allot of energy.

How does qigong work and why would it be important for meditation?

Qigong is a form of meditation and its has a history of over 5000 years. The Chinese been using it for healing purposes and havn't picked up popularity in the west until recently. When doing qigong you need to be in a meditative state, as this is where all the healing benefits come from.

Qigong comprise of many simple techniques, and most of them can be done sitting or standing up.

There a home study course on qigong that's available to everyone. I'm currently on a week 22, I'm learning how to do qigong and how to get into a trance like state, which amplify's the healing process whenever in a meditative state. In short, I hope that one day I can be wiser and more youthful.

So when someone ask how does qigong work you can now say that its nothing but a bunch of simple movements while being in a meditative state. Lastly I just wanted to point out that if a small percentage of people in a community did meditation the overall crime rate would go down. That's how powerful meditation is plus it will bring you closer to the earth and the universe.

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