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How To Meditate
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I want to give you guys a few basic tips, so you can leave here knowing how to meditate. You may have no idea what meditation is, or what to expect and that's perfectly fine you will soon. You may be overwhelmed with where to start, but I'm here to try an give you a few helpful tips to guide you in the right direction. How to meditate is such a broad term and encompasses a lot of things, so I just want to start by giving you the bare bone basics you need to start your practice.

We'll begin with posture and position. The most common way of sitting during meditation is called the "lotus" position, which directly resembles a standard cross legged way of sitting, or "Indian style" if you prefer. The back should remain straight, although not so straight that it's uncomfortable. Try to keep the word 'dignity' in the back of your mind, in regards to your back and try to resemble it!

As far as hand placement is concerned there are a lot of different options, so it just depends on what is the most comfortable for you. You can rest them on the knees, palms up or down, or palms up with your thumbs and index fingers making a circle. Another common hand position is placing both of your palms together and pressing the nail of your thumb against your sternum (but not too hard!) That about covers your position and posture, your one step closer to learning how to meditate.

After your comfortable and relaxed with your posture we can move on to the next step, breathing. Possibly the most important aspect when learning how to meditate, because frankly a lot of people aren't breathing correctly, (myself included when I first started!) So lets begin: take a deep inhale through your nose imagine you are trying to fill your lungs with air, hold for a one count, and exhale either thorough your mouth or nose. Remember to try and use your diaphragm when breathing; imagine pushing your stomach out when breathing out and the opposite when breathing in.

However, the most important aspect of breathing is paying attention to the process of doing it! Simply being aware that your breathing and listening to your breath go in and out will help your relax, and start your meditation journey. Now that we have two basic tips under wraps I'll go over one more tip, so you can leave here knowing how to meditate.

So, what's the last tip? Controlling your thoughts, or at the very least not letting your thoughts bother you, or interrupt your meditation. Doing this is one of the greatest struggles that those who meditate face on a daily basis. When you first begin it may be overwhelming, but that's just part of the process of learning how to meditate. If or when this occurs just try and watch your thoughts pass by, don't engage them just let them float by like a cloud on a windy day. You'll be surprised at how many random thoughts come in and out of your mind. Remember not engaging in these thoughts is the most important thing you can do!

We've covered a few basic tips teaching you how to meditate. Having the correct posture, breathing, and ability to let thoughts pass by, are a few basic

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