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How To Meditate Properly - Learn What Works For You
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How To Meditate Properly  -  Learn What Works For You

When I first started meditating, I had no idea where to start, let alone how to meditate properly. If you start looking for instructions online, you can easily become overwhelmed with information for different ways to meditate out there.

Meditation is a highly beneficial practice that has been getting more and more attention lately. It’s record on promoting healthy attributes and habits have been substantiated by countless studies and proves to be a truly rewarding practice.

But if you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to decide the method in which to learn how to meditate and benefit from such a useful practice. I had a difficult time, considering how many different options were out there. Systems and instructions that range from simple to experienced, virtually free to the more expensive; important factors when starting out.

My Learning Experience

Binaural Beat Meditation- This was the first type of meditation program I tried when I first began looking at what was out there. These programs advertise an advantage over other programs in facilitating the process of meditation, making it quicker and easier to achieve a deeper, more relaxed state. My experience was extremely positive. It led me to other types of meditation, encouraging and expanding my practice. After about a month of consistent practice, I began to wonder what other meditations were like. So, I began playing around with guided meditation.

Guided Meditation- Just as the name implies, guided meditation walks the practitioner through a meditation session, often with specific area of their lives to focus on. Areas like compassion, self esteem, healing, deep relaxation, and creativity as well as spiritual connections using chakra balancing and clearing out negativity. I still use guided meditation quite often, but have begun to prefer a more traditional style.

Traditional - Today, one of my favorite ways to meditate is by myself, alone, using a mantra and concentrating on my breath. It’s taken a lot of time, starting out with only five minutes a day, but after practicing, it’s become easier and easier to meditate this way. I truly enjoy the experience of being alone with nothing else but myself and feel i get the most out of this meditation technique, achieving a deeper insight.

Today, I still practice all of them. There’s really no rhyme or reason for which one I do, or when, other than how I feel at the time. I think it’s important to keep you possibilities open, especially concerning meditation. You never know what will work for you until you at least try it. And I think once you find what works for you, you’ve found how to meditate properly.

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