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Meditation Problems
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If you have just started meditating recently there are a couple of meditation problems that you might have experienced. But don't worry having issues especially when starting something new is completely normal! You are not alone! I'd like to highlight a couple problems you might be experiencing now, or even in the future.

A big issue that plagues all of us, even those who have been meditating for a while is trying to find time for your routine. A lot of us, including myself already feel that there aren't enough hours in the day to get things done, then trying to factor in time for meditation each day and it gets even harder, but don't fret! The time spent during meditation could possibly be the most valuable means of spending your time throughout your entire day. Instead of viewing meditation as a chore or something you have to do, think of it as a time for understanding yourself, or uncovering your passion, or even a breather from everyday life to help recharge your batteries. Whatever you reason make sure you come up with one, and of course write it down! Doing this will help to diminish one of many meditation problems you may encounter.

Next on the list of meditation problems is the inability to quiet down your mind, or thought process. You may have experience "thought overload" as I like to call it, and that's great that means your making progress! What, how can this be progress? Simply, when starting meditation your mind isn't used to this period of down time, you haven't trained your mind yet to ignore all these thoughts. You will however in time. Think of your mind as your lungs, when you start a running program they aren't used to running long distances and you tire easily, but with time and more running (of course!) it gets easier and easier. The same applies to meditation; you are strengthening your mind and as with everything good, it takes time. So, don't get flustered if you can't control your thoughts just yet, remember to breathe and assure yourself that great results take time. As cliche as it is "Rome wasn't built in a day."

Another of many meditation problems one might run into is getting extremely sore, or fatigued back and legs. Remember, just as with training your mind, your body has to be trained as well. Eventually it will get used to sitting in an erect pose for prolonged periods of time, but in the beginning you may find it impossible. However, that's the beauty of meditation, you just do what you can, as long as you remain persistent you will succeed. A quick tip for those dealing with leg and back fatigue is to lay down for a few breaths to allow your body time to recover, after you feel refreshed just assume your old position. There is actually an entire type of meditation that involves laying down (which we'll get into in another article.)

Remember meditation problems plague all those who meditate, but it's those who remain persistent who will get the most our of their routines. To refresh we covered finding your reason to meditate, dealing with thought overload, and dealing with fatigue and soreness. Your not alone with your meditation problems, but there are many solutions, just keep on meditating with the above advice and your problems should evaporate.

Make sure to check out other meditation problems in order to gain a broader perspective on the subject, and more ideas you can apply to your own life.

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