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Simple Meditation Techniques
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If you guys are just starting meditation I bet you already know there are a lot of techniques out there, and you may not know where to start! At times it can even be overwhelming! So, I'd like to show you a couple simple meditation techniques that you can start today.

First on the list of simple meditation techniques is the act of breathing. You might think I breathe everyday, how is that a meditation technique!? Well, first one of the main tenets of meditation is focusing on breathing. Just try this out for size: sit up in your chair, or wherever you are at this moment, and take a big inhale through your nose (make it a five count), and give a deep exhale through your mouth making sure to give rid of all the air in your lungs. Then repeat this five times! I guarantee you'll feel better now than you did a minute ago.

Now imagine this feeling amplified by a thousand! Maybe now you can see why breathing is such a vital part of your meditation routine. Practicing this simple meditation technique throughout the day, or when you feel overwhelmed or stressed will not only make your life better, but it will improve your ability to meditate drastically.

To overview our breathing during meditation or stressful situations is composed of three things:

-A deep inhale through the nose

-A equally deep exhale through the mouth

-And a complete focus of the breath cycle

Another one of the simple meditation techniques I'd like to focus on is posture. Posture is a very important part of any meditation routine, in fact it helps to clear your mind and allow for a deeper meditation. Your posture during meditation can also translate to your life, and can help diminish back and neck soreness, both now and in the future. Your posture while meditating should be comfortable, yet a little hard to maintain.

When beginning you should try to do your best to assume a cross legged position, if your not flexible enough to sit like this don't worry! It will get easier with time. Also, it's important to keep a straight back, although you don't want to be too straight to the point of being uncomfortable. Just try to sit with "dignity," if you feel yourself slouching just try to keep that word in mind, and resemble a posture that you think embodies that word. Hand placement is another thing to keep in mind. There are a variety of different ways you can place your hands, but I'll just go over a quick technique: Place both hands face up on the top of legs, which are crossed over. And that's it! Super simple! Having your hands this way helps to circulate your energy and allow for good energy to enter your body.

When your meditating try your hands face up, then alternate with them face down. You'll notice that having them face up allows for a much better meditation. Don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself!

One of our final simple meditation techniques, posture, is composed of these few things:

-Keep your legs crossed, or the closest you can!

-Keep your back as straight as possible, keep the word "dignity" in the back of your mind

-And keep your hands palms face up

We've covered a few techniques in how to meditate for beginners including how to breathe properly, and a few suggestions for keeping a good meditation posture. Utilizing these how to meditate for beginners techniques will help you ease into meditation and hopefully make it more enjoyable!

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