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Using Meditation For Happiness - Natural Treatment For Feeling Happy
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Using Meditation For Happiness   -   Natural Treatment For Feeling Happy

Have you ever wondered about how you can feel happier?

Of course you have, we all do at some point in our lives, no matter how good or bad our circumstances are. Unfortunately happiness isn't something that can be instantaneously called upon. It can however be nurtured though and you can turn the tables in your favor for living a happier and more fulfilling life.

I practice many different self help techniques for encouraging happiness and one of the most enjoyable, effective and beneficial techniques for me is to meditate for happiness.

Being happy involves first accepting yourself for who you are and overcoming any mental barriers that may be making you feel unhappy. Meditating helps you to reconnect with yourself on a deeper level than you usually would and can help you pinpoint the things in your life that are causing or contributing to your unhappiness.

It's important to understand that your current situation, your beliefs and expectations, your feelings towards yourself and amongst other things is a path that you chose, nobody else!

Oftentimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind and life in general that we rarely take the time to focus on ourselves. Essentially we lose that connection with ourselves.

How happy you feel and the current circumstances/ events that contribute to your feelings of happiness are certainly not an overnight process. It has literally taken years for you to arrive at your current standing in life. Along the way you have adopted, and been subject to many different events and situations that have all contributed to your current "status" on happiness.

Did you perhaps have a bad relationship in the past with a partner?

Although this relationship may have ended it doesn't mean the emotional scarring has fully healed. There are many different contributing factors to our happiness BUT do bear in mind that you determine your own happiness.

Meditating allows you the time to really focus on not just you but your buried (subconscious) thoughts and feelings. Again we can get so caught up in the daily grind that is life that we just leave these thoughts and feelings buried, but it doesn't mean they aren't affecting our happiness.

Meditating will help you channel your thoughts on the things that have both happened and that are currently going on in your life. You can really pinpoint the things that are causing you to be unhappy and start addressing these issues.

Most people never even acknowledge their subconscious and beliefs let alone actively work to overcome these mental barriers. They simply don't know where to start, nobody wants to admit they are far from perfect! That's why meditating is important for understanding your weaknesses as well as your strengths.

Some of you reading this now may find that meditating for happiness seems a bit farfetched! However take a look at the monks for instance, part of their daily ritual is to meditate and practice a number of different meditation techniques on any given day.

Look at how happy, peaceful and pleasant monks are! Makes you wonder, what is their secret doesn't it? Meditating costs nothing except for a little time and some research to get started and I highly recommend you at least give it a try.

Our ancestors for thousands of years before us had a much deeper spiritual connection with their-selves, other people and even nature and the planet. They didn't really on sugary shakes as a pick me up or trips to the doctors to get some happy pills to get by.

Admittedly modern living (despite all mod cons) is very strenuous, tiring and time consuming. But allow yourself just fifteen mins a day to practice meditating for happiness and see for yourself the sense tranquility and fulfillment it can bring about.

Learning how to meditate for beginners isn't at all difficult to get started. Remember it costs nothing except a little time and energy and the rewards are unmeasurable.

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