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What Meditation Is Top 3
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What Meditation is Top 3

What meditation is? It's a question that a lot of you ask, and frankly there's a wide array of answers that one can say. I'd like to highlight the top three things that make up what meditation is, and a little bit of detail about each of them. After a couple minutes, you'll know exactly what meditation is and be able to apply them to your own daily practice.

1. What meditation is: a tool for understanding yourself

A lot of people meditate to gain a little insight into who they are as a person. The act of meditating allows you to tap into your subconscious mind, and actually develop a connection with it. Just spending as little as 20 minutes a day in peace and quiet can allow you to develop a better relationship with your mind. So, in this sense what meditation is is developing a deeper connection with yourself. This connection and true understanding of yourself as a person can only come through meditation. It is a valuable connection that meeds to be forged if you want to unfold into your true potential.

Meditation can help you answer such questions like: what is my passion, what does it mean to be human, as well as a variety of more complex questions and ideas. Also, just asking yourself the question, what meditation is, while meditating can help you develop your own answers!

2. What meditation is: a tool for compassion

What is one aspect of developing a truly good life? The answer is simple: compassion and love for not only yourself but your fellow human beings and the planet as a whole. Meditation causes you to realize that everything on this earth as we know it is interconnected. It allows you to uncover love that was always there, but seemed to hidden by an array of different distractions in our everyday life.

Developing this compassion is crucial in a variety of real-world events, like, personal relationships, work relationships, finding your place in the world, and many others!

In a sense, what meditation is, can be answered as a tool for love, compassion, and understanding.

3. What meditation is: a tool for lessening anxiety and fears

I know that a lot of people, myself included, have experienced anxiety from time to time and a lot of people experience it daily! It's an uncomfortable feeling, and a lot of times is based upon falsities that our mind constructs. Meditation allows you to get rid of these constructs and get rid of your fears and anxieties. What meditation is, is a way to put away things that have been holding you back forever!

Imagine living without the things that hold you back! What is possible? What would you start doing if you knew that you wouldn't fail? (These are both questions you can take up during your meditation.)

Experiencing the brain state that gets induced during meditation allows you mind to free itself of anxieties; the more you meditate the more often this brain state makes itself present in your waking life.

I hope that helped you answer the question, what meditation is. To review, a tool for understanding yourself, a tool for uncovering compasssion, and a tool for getting rid of anxieties and fears are the three most common answers, to what is meditation.

I hope you apply what you've learned here to your meditation routine and start making positive progress today!

Remember, what meditation is has a wide array of answers and means different things to each person. Cultive your own meaning today!

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