How To Enhance Your Brain Power
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How to Enhance Your Brain Power

My last article was The Power of Thinking. This time I will tell you how to enhance your brain power. With more brain power, you can have better memory retention and better analytic skill.

I discovered the method myself by accident.

First, let me tell you some basic theory and related information first, then you would be able to understand it better.

Our Brain

Scientists told us many years ago, they said that we are only using 10% of our brain. It was totally wrong, the latest research found that we are using 100% of our brain all the time. Reference can be found in this book: The Brain that Changes Itself - by Norman Doidge, MD.

In the past, scientists drawn a brain map. They said certain area of the brain control your arms and certain area of the brain control your legs. They said that the areas are defined and never change. Norman Doidge disproved this theory as well. He found that if you move you arms more, then the part of the brain that control your arms will extend. It will try to grab more brain cells from the surrounding area cells for its own use. As a result your arms will be more agile, because it has more brain cells, so more control power.

That is why when you start learning a new skill. It will be difficult at first, but after a while you get better at it and it becomes easy. It is because the part of your brain which is relating to this skill is extending, it has grab more brain cells from other areas for it's own use.

Norman Doidge's Dad

Norman's dad had a stroke at 70 and he was not able to move part of his body. Norman used his father as his test subject - what a guy! What he did was he took his father out in the garden and he try to make his father move his body, arms and legs every single day. As a result, half a year later, his father get back more than 80% of his body functions.

When his father died a few years later, he opened up his father's brain (Yuck!) and have a look inside. He found that his father has a large part of his brain damaged as the result of the stroke. When he tried to move his arms and legs continuously, which caused the brain to start rewiring.

Enhance Your Brain Power

Now, you know our brain can rewire itself. After I knew about this; I started learning to play piano. I tell you, it is very hard to learn to play piano when you are an adult. It took me more than three months to be able to have my left and right hands playing different notes on different timing.

I found that my memory and my analytic skill has improved. Before I learned to play piano, I kept forgetting things. Now I could remember many things, I could even recall past events when I was a small child.

My theory is when I was doing things separately with my left and right hands. It forces my left and right brains to function individually. Therefore, now I have two separate brains instead of one. Hence it became more powerful, because two brains is of course better than one.

So, if you want to improve your brain power, learn to play piano.

Why people has Dementia?

Dementia is a very common disease nowadays. Do you know why?

I have a theory, I think I know why. But I am not a researcher (I am a thinker), so I could not claim that it is 100% correct. It is just my own idea.

For example, if you lie in bed and not move your body for 30 days. You know what happened, you would not be able to move your arms and legs. Your muscles has degenerated and became so weak that they are not strong enough to support your body.

What does this tell us? It tell us that - if you don't use it, you lose it. Our brain is exactly the same as our body. Those people who has dementia did not exercise their brain - then after many years, the brain function will decrease, then they have dementia. These people who has dementia are those people who has a fixed daily routine. They don't even have to use their brains in their daily life.

If you don't want to have dementia, exercise your brain.

How do you exercise your brain? There are many methods, I give you a few examples:-

  • learn something new often
  • do not fix a daily routine, be spontaneous
  • learn to do things with your left hand ( not if you are left-handed)
  • do more thinking - please do not think about making money all the time.
  • come and read my articles, it will get you thinking ( just joking)

Please leave me a comment below.

Signing off


Street Talk

Hi Jerry, Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a nice comment. Have a nice day. Cheers Stephen

  about 8 years ago
Jerry Tse  

It's true that if you don't use it, you lose it. Not only our body, this could apply to any other things too. For example money (all your savings will become someone else property when you kick the bucket.), home appliances - these things will end up in the tip ii not being used. Thanks for making it simple to understand for simple people like me. Jerry

  about 8 years ago
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