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How To Improve Concentration Now
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How to Improve Concentration Now

Your life, your goals, your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health are all dependent on how and what you concentrate on. With that said—it makes since to take care of this aspect of life, DOESN'T IT?! :)

Let's get started!

Make progress now

To make rapid progress we need to first make a distinction: It is not what we concentrate on or how long we focus that improves concentration, it is how do it that makes a difference. Once we understand how to concentrate then we know how to improve concentration and the result is almost instantaneous.

How do we concentrate you ask? We need to get ourselves in a state of relaxed attention. In this state you are in full control of your attention and therefor your concentration. Let me explain 'relaxed attention' due to some confusion I have had in the past. Some people hear relaxed and think sleepy, some people think calm, while others think all muscles relaxed. We are talking more of a calm happiness here,—not thinking about anything else but what is right in front of you.

Accessing this state might take a while to calibrate it because it is subtle; however, once you get it, you get it!

Let us start with an exercise:

Even though relaxed attention doesn't mean to relax per say in the way you're used to, it might be helpful to you to access it by fully relaxing your body until you know the feeling.

Take a moment and notice your breath, notice how clear your head is and how crisp and clear the room is right now—or not. Focus on an object and remember how that looks.

Now close your eyes and relax your breath, get more and more relaxed. Go through your body mentally for a few minutes relaxing every muscle in your body. Start with your face and go all the way down to your toes.

Sit there for a while and soak in the relaxation. Be there fully in the moment. When you are ready open your eyes and look at your object again. It should look crisper and clearer. This is how the state of relaxed attention looks and feels. Do this exercise enough and you should be able to bring up this state in your studies or what-have-you in under a week.

Fully mastering your capabilities

This is where some of you may want to drop off. It will take more work. Luckily the brain adapts fast and you will still see rapid and solid improvement everyday.

It's simple really. All we want to do is access that state of relaxed attention and then do activities that are mentally challenging. Pretty soon you will be able to stay in relaxed attention no matter what the circumstance.

Last words

Concentration is that basis to accessing and becoming whatever you want in life. With a boost in concentration comes many other befits including memory improvement, enhanced creativity, improved relationships, and a dramatic increase in the joy of life.

Enjoy it!

Thanks for reading,


Street Talk

Hell Brandon, Thank you for the information. I learnt a lot. Keep up the good work.

  about 9 years ago
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