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How To Memorize Lines Quickly
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How to Memorize Lines Quickly

Whether you are giving a speech, auditioning for a part in your acting career or want to just tell a few funny jokes, learning to memorize lines quickly is not only crucial, it's a good time saver and confidence booster!

I bet you have tried route memorization before, right? Endlessly saying lines over and over again only to eventually get mental burnout and crash down faster than a kid on candy. Sounds fun! Unfortunately—more like fortunately!—you don't have to go through that anymore... there is a better and faster way.

In this article I will show you exactly how to memorize lines quickly so you not only are faster and more effective, you concentrate better, are more productive, and eliminate all that mental fatigue.

See the lines as if they were a movie

The most effective way to memorize lines are by visualizing them. This uses your brains natural way of seeing and remembering things and is super effective. In ancient times people used techniques involving visualization to memorize the entire Odyssey, they had too— there were no printed books back then.

Let us use an example... say I wanted to memorize the following line:


We need to put that in a picture that reminds us of it. It doesn't matter what it is :)

Disclaimer: My images are not going to be the same as yours, this is just an example. I will also break it down.

This for me is a foot that stepped on a can and got hurt.

Break down: I see the name Toto and that reminds me of toes (foot.) Then I see Kansas, that could be a can (CANsas, KANsas, same sound.) I see "were not in" to signify that Kansas is crushed (crushed can). Lastly, we have "I got a feeling." The toe got hurt when crushing the can (feeling.)

This eventually only takes the amount of time to encode the line into a picture as just reading it.

Why this eliminates mental drain and fatigue

Fatigue can not exist in a quiet mind. Think about it. The only reason you get fatigued is through repeating the same thing over and over again, eventually your brain gets tired of it and works against you. During the visualization aspect out minds are silent with enough practice and the right system.

So lucky for you, it's a natural side-effect of training. A relaxing and happy one at that!

One last word on mental fatigue. You might want to make sure you are getting enough food, water, vitamins and your omega-3's too. If silencing your mind is not enough, your diet might be the cause.

Why this makes you more productive

You are using your brains natural memory mechanisms, this makes your brain work with you instead of against you. Also, the visual aspect sucks you in. It makes you a lot more attentive and boosts concentration and where there is a boost in concentration, there is a boost in effectiveness.

Using a more advanced version of this you can also scroll through you memorized data at really fast speeds and because you think visually you can intuitively "know" the lines by just viewing them in picture form at really fast rates.

Last words

You will get fast at this quick and save countless hours of time even only implementing this a little. I hope this article gave you an insight on how to memorize lines quickly.

Have a nice day!

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