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Learning New Languages Effectively
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Learning New Languages Effectively

It is not as hard as you think to learn new language. It is not expensive, in fact, there are enough resources throughout the web that you can learn for free.

The first step to learning your new language is figuring out what you want to learn. Good questions to ask in figuring this out are: What will you use it for? Where? Why?

What are the main languages in your area—mine personally is mainly English and Spanish. So if I choose Spanish, there is a good chance I will find people to converse with easily.

First thing is first, learn the alphabet. If your learning a language with a very foreign alphabet you might have to practice writing each letter 5-10 times every day for 2-3 days to get your muscle memory working.

Use Frequency List

What is a frequency list? It is a lost of the most frequently used words in your chosen language.

Most language is spoken with a very small amount of words. Once you find these out and learn them, you will have no problem learning a language fast. New words can be learned very fast once you have this base.

How do you find frequency lists? Google "'your chosen language' frequency list."

Google is Your Friend

You really have no idea how resourceful Google is until you actually use it. Since I don't know your language I can not direct you to a site to learn grammar from BUT it is almost guaranteed to have a first page result if you Google it. Google is awesome. It will answer any question you have.

Why Do You Want It?

A undriven person can not move mountains. What will you gain by learning this language? What will it cost you if you don't learn it? Find your drive and you can dramatically boost your results and motivation to learn. Really think.. How much pain is it costing you to not learn this language RIGHT NOW, in the QUICKEST way possible? What will you gain by taking action towards achieving your language goal NOW? How good will it feel?

Maximize Your Learning Potential

Using memory techniques you can boost your learning by up to 630%. That is 6 times faster. If your experienced those numbers are considered low at best. There are Language enthusiasts that learn 1,000+ words a week and still have spear time to do other things. You also can practice without having to be in front of a text book so that is a plus too.

They have been around for thousands of years. Back in the old days when there weren't printed books people would often use them to memorize entire books, because they had to.

With memory techniques your visualization will also be dramatically increased and you can closely see how concepts link together. Albert Einstein frequently mentioned how important visualization was to learning. He hands down one of the smartest people this planet ever encountered.

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By the way, I'm defiantly going to put up an article on how to use memory techniques to memorize words/definitions soon.

  about 1 decade ago
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