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Mind Mapping To Memorize Information
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Most people face a difficulty to remember information and we constantly have to present ideas for our jobs or schools. Mind mapping is a very successful technique for people who want to:

Give lectures and presentations

Remember info for exams

Shop for goods

Set their goals

Show their favorite activities

And practically for everyone wants to demonstrate anything

So, we all kind of need to mind map.

What is Mind Mapping?

Simply it is the image of your brain presented on paper.

Why Mind mapping is the right tool for you?

Our mind thinks main ideas, keywords, and branches. So, when you give it a paper with list of paragraphs, bullets, and numbers, he won't be able to remember them. Mind maps are made of the same way your mind thinks which will make memorizing information much easier.

It is said that when we memorize a paper, we can remember only 20% only of its content but with mind maps, you can remember every single information you add to it.

Now, How to make a mind map?

If this is your first mind map, please prepare a white paper "minds like white blank areas", colors "brains LOVE colors", and let's begin.

I will take an example to make it easier, let's say 'successful manager qualities':

1. Right the keyword ONLY with any color you like in the centre of paper. The key word here is 'successful' and we will use the noun "success"

2. Draw any thing representing the keyword in your mind. Let's say a trophy.

3. Extend branches out of the keyword for the qualities you think a good manager must have and draw shapes again next to each quality. This might be time management 'clock', professional looks 'suit', good communication skills 'smile', listening skills 'ear', knowledge 'glasses'......

4. What if there are more things to mention about one of the branches?

Then you should extend another minor branch and do the same as past steps. If you think 'knowledge' needs more elaboration, extend branches out of it for what you need to write like books, internet, news, ... Until you finish everything you want to write about it

So, what's in it for you?

If you were invited to give a presentation about a certain topic, what you need to prepare is one paper only, and with just a glimpse to a keyword or a picture, you will remember everything you want to say.

If you remembered a new point that wasn't mentioned, you can just add a new branch in no time.

After looking at it for few times, your mind will remember the whole mind map cause it written in the same way he likes and understands the best.

Also there are lots of softwares that you can use to create virtual mind maps like Tony Buzan software if you don't want to draw and write yourself.

Start using mind maps and I'm sure it will be a basic thing for life and share your feedback here.

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