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Should You Buy Memory Software?
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Should You Buy Memory Software?

If you are considering buying software for your memory you should ponder the following question— Do I want to improve my memory a little or a lot? If it's only a little, buy away!

With memory software, you most likely will only get minimal improvement. Especially if it's a game. If you treat your memory improvement like a game, you will get game like results. Sure you will get small improvement, nothing impressive though—certainly not enough to be considered a genius.

Don't get me wrong, developing your memory can be and is fun! We want to go beyond the party tricks and fun woo woo stuff though.. and to do that we need a real structured regimen with real training.

Huge memory software pitfalls

  • They only offer the illusion of improvement. You get better at the game but if you actually consider the question if it has made you any better with memory in real life—remembering books for instance—the answer will be most likely a no.
  • They usually are not based on any technique. Techniques are graspable, YOU CAN SEE with your own eyes what you memorize and dramatic improvement right away. Otherwise, you are kind of in the dark and don't have anything to grasp so you can't ever tell if it is really working.
  • They might have one person as support, not really any true guidance.

So what should you look for?

  • You should look for a real course that is very practical. If you can't apply it RIGHT AWAY or you can't get REAL WORLD TRAINING, it's not even worth looking.
  • You should look for a course that has a team of people to help. At first (as with anything) you may not do if you are doing everything 100% correct, it's good to have qualified and experienced people help you work out any issues you may be having fast.
  • As much as some people don't like it, it's a must you stay away from courses that offer magic pill quick fixes. Real memory training takes work and dedication, it's fun and rewarding but some takes effort. I tell you from the bottom of my heart, please stay away from courses that say otherwise, it's a scam.
  • A solid money-back guarantee, of course.
  • A open forum is nice with real people demonstrating the techniques. This is a sure fire way to tell a course has nothing to hide and you are getting a good deal.

To wrap it up

There are a lot a shady internet marketers out there and people looking to make a quick buck. There are also a ton of credible courses out there and I hope I helped you with this information!



Street Talk

I am going to check this out a bit more, thanks for the info!

  about 1 decade ago

You're welcome! I remember you, you said you used to memorize songs using techniques similar to the ones I present in some of my articles back in the days. Good to see you around :)

  about 1 decade ago
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