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Finding The Right Remedy For Menopause
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Finding the Right Remedy for Menopause

What is the Right Choice for a Remedy for Menopause?

Since not every woman is the same it is necessary find the right remedy for menopause for you. There are prescription treatments, natural treatments, and a variety of other types of treatments. The main goal is to lessen the symptoms and make your life more comfortable while you are going through the journey of menopause.

Understand that treating menopause will require making some changes to your diet, your daily habits, and adding in some exercise. This will help to make it a bit easier than if you continue with your regular diet and your regular habits. Your body is going through some very big changes and you really need to make the right changes to your life as well.

The Most Popular Remedy for Menopause

Probably the most popular remedy for menopause is getting a prescription from the doctor. This does not make it the best treatment just because it is popular and comes from a doctor, however. Most doctors will prescribe estrogen and progesterone, which are better known as hormone replacement therapy.

Usually this treatment is for those women that still have their uterus and it will help to prevent osteoporosis and reduce many of the symptoms of menopause. When a woman has already gone through a hysterectomy most doctors will only prescribe Estrogen instead of both drugs.

Hormone replacement therapy used to be a very popular choice as a remedy for menopause, but more recent studies show an increase in risk of heart disease, blood clots, stroke, and breast cancer are associated with this type of treatment. This may be a few good reasons to seek out treatment other than prescription drugs.

Most of the drugs that comes from doctors come with at least some side effects and risks. Many women are not seeking our more natural ways to treat the symptoms of menopause and there are many choices. Changes to your diet and to your lifestyle can make a difference along with adding in specific vitamins and herbs.

It may take a bit of time to find the right combination to help treat all the symptoms you are suffering from, but it will be worth it. Below are some of the recommended herbs and vitamins that can become the natural remedy for menopause you are looking for.

Choices to Add to your Remedy for Menopause

Before we get into the different natural herbs and supplements you can take to help with things like hot flashes and night sweats you need to understand that natural does not equal safe. If you are currently taking prescription drugs you will need to talk with your doctor before adding in an herbal remedy for menopause because it could react negatively with the drugs you are taking.

Taking Soy and Isoflavones can help with hot flashed within the first two years of menopause and can also help with night sweats. These contain plant estrogens and can be found in the form of soy protein. Taking 50 grams a day can be helpful in the short term and over the long term it can help make your bones stronger and keep your cholesterol down.

However, if you take large amounts of soy it can interact with your natural estrogen and can be harmful to any women with a history of estrogen-dependent breast cancer. It is always good to stick with the recommended amount and having too much can cause issues you don't want to deal with.

A few other choices to treat the symptoms of menopause include St. John's Wort, Flaxseed oil, Red Clover, and Black Cohosh. There are many therapies that can help as well like relaxation techniques, meditation, and acupuncture. These are just a few choices you can add to your remedy for menopause.

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