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HRT And Contraceptives
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HRT And Contraceptives

This is an extremely important topic that needs to be discussed! I receive countless stressful queries on the matter and cries for help! i.e.

Contraceptive Pill - I am corresponding with a lady in Canada who had been on the pill for some 10-12 years. She has been to hell and back and regrets the day she ever went on it. She will read this and know I am referring to her.

HRT - my own mother has been on Premarin for some 32 years, she is now 73 and up until last year was still on it. I was totally gob smacked that (a) doctors were quite happy for her to be on it for all this time (b) and at that age! I joked with her and told her that if she continued with it, she would soon grow a horses tail! She was not amused. See my comment about Premarin below. She is so much better now for coming off it.

The Contraceptive Pill and HRT are similar drugs and all have a potential to harm - they could be a combination of estrogen/progestin or progestin only. All too often I hear "oh, but the doctor has given me progesterone". However, on investigation it was discovered that they were actually given progestin, which is a synthetic progesterone! PLEASE make sure that you understand this. Progesterone is natural, progestin is synthetic!

Some side effects of contraceptives include:

  • post natal depression
  • depression
  • follicular cysts
  • insulin resistance
  • reduced progesterone levels
  • increased risk of breast cancer

However, I must make mention of 3 contraceptives which are considered harmful.

  • Mirena IUD
  • Yaz
  • Yasmin

The Copper T would be the only form of contraception that I would recommend as it does not affect the monthly cycle! All the others affect the monthly cycle amongst other things, causing all sorts of side effects and one alarming concern is the inability to conceive! It can take months, if not years for the cycle to return to normal.

NOTE: An article was released recently reporting that a pharmaceutical company had recalled a birth control pill with perhaps millions of pending lawsuits.

HRT as discussed above is also drug based. One in particular is PREMARIN meaning the 'urine of a pregnant mare'! Don't know about you, but that is definitely not for me! So then I hear people suggesting that we need to move on from this and that more "up to date" HRT's are now available. Sure, but what do they actually contain and how are they affecting us?

HRT or hormone replacement therapy - either estrogen alone, but particularly combined with progestin increases the risk of:

  • breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer
  • heart disease including strokes, clots and heart attacks
  • fibroid growth
  • incontinence
  • Please visit our site for a more detailed explanation.
  • Years of research have found that estrogen and/or progestins increased:
  • fibroid growth
  • C-reactive protein (a marker for inflammation)
  • deaths from lung cancer
  • insulin resistance
  • incontinence
  • a greater risk of abnormal mammograms
  • impaired cognition
  • doubles the risk of dementia

None of this is surprising as estrogen is a mitogen, causing cells to divide and multiply, including fat cells. But fat cells are the main non-ovarian site for estrogen production in the body. So whatever we do, we cannot stop estrogen production. What we can do is protect ourselves against it's influence by using progesterone.

Take care.


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