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Focus Is The Key To Success
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Focus is the Key to Success

Success, in every facet of life is fully dependent on a set of factors that we as people have full control of. When we think of the simplest ingredients of success, things like work ethic, dedication, and motivation come to mind. However, when thinking of what it really takes to be successful, whether in business or life, nothing compares to solid, unbroken focus.

So what does it take to truly gain this focus? Focus comes from the inner most part of you that wants so badly to succeed. Focus comes from dedication in and to yourself. Some find their focus looking towards an end goal, while other find complete focus in thinking about the very task they are looking to complete. However, you decide to focus and to obtain your success is fully up to you and with that said, here are a few things that helped me obtain my focus in life in general and in my business.

1. "Find a quiet place to think"

While easy as it may sound, this task is not always the easiest. In a world that seems to evolve by the day with social media and distractions from every angle imaginable, finding a quiet spot to organize and meditate on your thoughts is not always the easiest thing to do. In fact, some would argue that this is sometimes the single hardest thing to do. One way to combat this is to get a good pair of headphones. I've found that simply wearing headphones sends a message to the people around you. If I bump into someone on the street and they are wearing headphones, that tells me that the person wearing those headphones does not want to be disturbed and should most likely be left alone. Now don't get me wrong, these headphones don't have to have music pouring out of them, they simply have to be in your ear or on your ear. It's a simple message we are after. I will sometimes put a set of headphones in while I am reading a book at a public place to send that message. This simple trick does help when you are trying to maintain a sense of focus and do not want to be bothered.

2. "Listen to classical music or instrumentals"

We've all heard that putting classical music to play for a baby or child will make them smarter in the long run. Whether this is scientific fact or not, I don't know but I do know that in my experience, classical music without words has helped me achieve focus and vision that I wouldn't have obtained otherwise. I would recommend piano or violin music but that decision is completely up to you. The key is,the music must not have words.

3. "Meditation"

Contrary to popular belief, a very powerful way to obtain a sense of peace and tranquility in your life is through meditation. By centering your mind, body and spirit, you are not only finding balance in yourself, you are also finding focus. Meditation, slows down the playing field, so to speak, and puts everything into focus. By slowing down our thinking and doing things with a purpose, we now take care to think about things like, future goals and plans, consequence of improper decision making and the list goes on and on. Now it's true that people can also find this sort of alternate mindset by the use of a recreation drug or therapy but that is not where we are headed with this article. We want to obtain a natural state of focus and peace.

Lastly, avoid distractions like television, radio or cell phones. Distractions are all around us and that is not going to change anytime soon but in the search for success driven focus, distractions are like cryptonite. A distraction will lead to procrastination and procrastination will lead to a lack of focus in general. Follow through is key for success.

Whatever method you use to obtain your focus, choose wisely and find what works for you. Without focus, success cannot be obtained to its fullest. Find your focus and find success.

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