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Steps For Losing Male Belly Fat
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Men with round bellies are a common sight everywhere. Earlier they were more vulnerable to accretion of fat on stomach in their middle ages. However, these days even young men in their 20s are seen with fat accumulated bellies. Men are more prone to carry the fats around their mid section as compared to women who tend to store fat on their buttocks and thighs. There are several male belly fat causes than just genetic predisposition and there are also ways to lose this fat.

Genetics play an important part in terms of where the body chooses to store surplus fat. The simple fact is that some people are less fortunate than the others as they tend to store the fat around the abdominal region. With surplus fat around the abdominal region, the concern to lose male belly fat is higher for any man irrespective of whether their total body mass index (BMI) is within the healthy range.

Even though your overall BMI might be satisfactory, you’re still at risk for several health problems from diabetes to cardiovascular disease, if you have a certain storage of fat around your belly. So it’s vital to see what steps you could take, apart from genetics which are out of control to try and lose your belly fat.

One of the ways to lose belly fat for men is doing the good old fashioned cardiovascular exercises. Nothing is best than performing exercises such as jogging, running or swimming for burning the surplus calories stored in those fat cells. Alcohol consumption is one particular issue of which men might not be aware which is understandable. It’s easy to forget that alcohol is high in calories apart from the well known health risks it causes to the liver and increases blood pressure.

Men normally tend not to count those calories as they would for a piece of cake or a pizza as it’s something that they drink. Nevertheless, they are calories. Alcohol is usually high in calories, with beer by far being the worst offender. A glass of beer contains over 250 calories, thus it’s better to refrain from alcohol consumption in order to lose that excess fat in the belly.

A combination of dietary restrictions, including approximately complete elimination of saturated fats as well as a decrease in alcohol consumption to no more than 3 drinks a week are the other best ways of losing male belly fat. This should be combined by regular cardiovascular exercises. Lastly, you must never forget the power of motivation. Remind yourself time and again the significance of losing belly fat and how it’s vital for your self image. Never forget that surplus belly fat is extremely unhealthy and you could be put to an increased risk for several chronic illnesses.

You must also restrict yourself of eating spicy, oily and processed food as it has adverse effect on the mechanism of fat burning in your body. Not performing enough physical activity is yet another unhealthy aspect of modern lifestyle which contributes to bigger bellies in men. Therefore, it’s necessary to start some kind of physical activity to kick start the fat burning mechanism in the body.

Keep in mind, belly fat in men poses a severe threat to the health of the concerned person. Thus, it’s vital that you take some measures to keep it under control.

Shany paul is a dietitian working for How To Lose Belly Fat She loves finding innovative Belly Fat Diet. without sacrificing food. Over the years Brake her gained specialized experience,further qualifications and training in weight management... She finds her field of weight management challenging and extremely rewarding.

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Pot Belly  

I have male belly fat. I also have several knives in my kitchen. What I am missing is some motivation but I think I am getting there.

  about 9 years ago

Very complex subject, very well summed up. Thanks, Shany.

  about 1 decade ago
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