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How To Treat Adhd – Looking At Non-invasive Treatments
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How To Treat Adhd – Looking At Non-invasive Treatments

There are a lot of children who are on ADHD medication and they absolutely hate them and plead to be taken off them. This is not the way to treat ADHD, they claim. Other children seem to do quite well on them and say that they are helping them to concentrate and get better grades at school.

We have no accurate figures for the number of dropouts but some experts say that it is around 30%. This percentage is quite high and covers a variety of reasons.

The main ones seem to be the fact that the side effects are really bothersome and some children even have to take more medication to cope with these. The most common ones are lack of sleep and depression.

Undiagnosed and untreated ADHD is a big problem in our society to-day. Diagnosis and the right type of treatment is essential if we are to reduce felonies, road accidents and needless crime and drug abuse. It is calculated that a lot of prisoners are people who have never been treated for ADHD. Their impulsivity has caused them to break the law. Their minds are unable to think before acting.

But there are worries that the drugs on the market today which are nothing more than amphetamines are not really helping with the real problem of how to treat ADHD. What we need is help for the child who has difficulty in doing the following tasks:-

• prioritizing tasks at home and at school

• remembering to do things

• following instructions

• carrying out instructions

• turn taking in conversations

• social skills in making and keeping friends

• concentrating on one task

• ignoring incoming useless stimuli

Up to now we have had rather invasive treatments which have emphasised the need to stimulate the brain rather artificially with amphetamine like substances. Is that the best that the medical profession can offer our kids in the third millennium?

So, what are the non-invasive treatments to treat ADHD? First we should consider behavior therapy because this will teach the child how to distinguish good behaviour from bad and what the consequences of the latter will be. Without this training, there is no way that we can hope that drugs will do this task. We need good old fashioned parenting skills which are just not trendy anymore in our society.

As regards non-invasive alternatives to medication, I can think of no better one than ADHD homeopathic remedies. These help to restore the mind body balance. Kids become calmer and are able to concentrate and even listen to you. These preparations have no side effects and there are no black box warnings on the meds to scare the life out of you!

But there are other non-invasive ways to treat ADHD such as looking carefully at diet, increasing green time and maximizing learning opportunities at school and at home. Why not check these out?

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