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Increase Success - The Power Of Your Subconscious
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Increase Success  -  The Power Of Your Subconscious

Why are you where you are? Why do others seem to get lucky all the time yet success frowns upon you and passes by? You have put your hardest efforts into what it is you are trying to achieve, but year after year, it goes on an even keel, in fact, you may have noticed you've regressed a bit. This article explores how you've programmed your mind to fail.

You may not be out to acquiring a mansion with expensive cars and the works. You just want to have a comfortable life for you and your family. But the bills keep piling up and your nose is on the grindstone every day. You are not passionate about what you do, but what the heck, it pays the bills. You believe that this is all you got and it can't get any better.You've tried and tried...

The Subconscious Mind's Job Is to Protect

The truth is, you've told your subconscious mind things that it is now protecting you from. Unfortunately, this means you won't get any further. Some of the beliefs you have been carrying around with you are the keys to unlock the door, but they're all broken.

You have faulty belief systems inside and your subconscious mind is configured off those. For example, someone long ago told you that millionaires are unhappy and have too many responsibilities. You do not want to become one because wealth will make you unhappy, unthankful, materialistic and greedy.

Yet, you want a nice house and happiness for your family. Your subconscious says, "You were not born to be rich. Be satisfied with what you have."

Your subconscious mind will do anything to stay on track until you tell it what you want...

Retrain the Mind Through the Subconscious

It takes some soul searching, but the examples above serve to illustrate what can happen inside the mind if you're not in control. However, you will most likely get more out of retraining your mind if you were given the right set of instructions.

You need to learn a bit about how the subconscious works and how you can get by the gatekeeper which stands guard at the door. Once you understand why a belief is faulty, you will have little problem getting the subconscious to change its agenda in that regard. However, there are wonderful tools at our disposal today that can help you get rid of limiting beliefs.

The beliefs that are there now came into being because of the experiences you were going through at the time. Therefore, these were learning experiences. They can be unlearned and replaced with new, far more beneficial, positive beliefs.

You tell your subconscious that it is a new game, new rules ...millionaires are phenomenal and then tell it why this is so.

But, how can we do this? The subconscious seems to be refusing to listen. You must get around the gate keeper - your conscious, thinking mind.

Many do this through hypnotherapy, others through emotional freedom technique (eft.) Both get around the gate keeper very well, and there are other modalities in alternative health that work as well.

Through progressive relaxation and suggestions from the one administering the therapy, the old beliefs or habits can be dislodged. They are customarily replaced with new supportive habits and beliefs over successive sessions.

When it believes, results cause achievements and energies. Your internal thermostat is now set to blissful happiness, wealth, etc. Every thing will open up to you and will be called to action. You will know who to call. You can live in your highest good!. It's your nature.


Your subconscious mind keeps you small because you told it to do so. Be friendly to your subconscious. Show it why you do not believe old worn out beliefs that have been stored there so long and that you would like them replaced with new ones. There are a number of alternative health modalities you can use to help you do the retraining.

Street Talk

This is very good information thanks...have you heard of "tapping"? if you google "the tapping" you will find some things along this very line that I think you will be interested in.....

  about 9 years ago

Oh yes EFT. It is one of the first things my landlord taught me besides hypnotherapy. I would like to understand more about meridian channels and points and how they can be proven they really exist. I have recently been shown the modality with the hands and feet palms (I forget the name of it right now.) It is on the same principle as tapping. Now I found that to work with upset stomach!

  about 9 years ago

Very good points. It is so easy to give into old learned behaviors.

  about 1 decade ago

Oh yeah. I have a ton of them that is holding me back both in the world of employment but also in WA.

  about 1 decade ago
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